Indulging In Winter Drinks, And 11 Other Ways To Actually Enjoy The End Of The Fall Semester

Just because it's time for finals doesn't mean these last few weeks have to suck.


Ahhh, it's that time of year again: the awkward three or four weeks of the fall semester that are jammed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. College students have just gotten a taste of what it's like to be at home with very few responsibilities, and honestly, there's nothing they want more than to go back to that false childhood-like state.

However, there's also so much fun to be had before students say goodbye to their friends for nearly a month. Plus, it's the holiday season—who wants to wish that away? Even with the stress of finals, these 12 activities can help make these weeks some of the best of the year.

1. Throw a holiday party.

Office Christmas

Whether it's Secret Santa, White Elephant, or Ugly Sweater themed, holiday parties are the perfect way to enjoy the season and forget about the stress your classwork brings—even if it's only for a few hours.

2. Use the cold weather as an excuse for a movie night. 


After a cold, long day of classes, it's really nice to pop some popcorn and indulge in nostalgic Christmas movies, or the Hallmark-style ones if we're being serious here. Gotta have something to blame those stress-filled tears on.

3. Find seasonal activities to do with your friends. 


Ice skating, Christmas light viewing, even snowball fighting make for exciting winter-specific events for you and your friends. These are the sorts of memories that turn into lifelong traditions.

4. Check out a few basketball games. 

Orange Krush

With winter comes college basketball. Even if you're not into sports, student-run fan organizations, such as the Orange Krush at UIUC, make gamedays some of the most exciting of each week for students looking for a fun evening activity.

5. Get your gift shopping done. 


Finals are stressful, but the holidays are fast-approaching. Take a healthy break from studying and get your shopping taken care of—it'll be both fun and productive.

6. Bundle up in your softest clothing. 


Yes, it may be cold, but that means you get to wear your comfiest clothing 24/7. Sweaters and warm socks for class? Count me in!

7. Take advantage of the freedom you have at school.


When you go home for winter break, you'll be back to living under your parents' roof, which often means you'll be back to living by their rules for a month. Use these last few weeks to really enjoy being the kind-of-adult you get to be on campus.

8. Make time for self-care and relaxation. 


The stress of this time of year can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. Taking the time to do a 15 minute face mask or take an extra long shower can make a world of a difference.

9. Give back in your college community. 

With the holidays come many opportunities to volunteer. As a student, you spend most of your year on a campus that may be in a different community than the one you call home. Because of this, it only seems right to give back to the community you've become a part of. UIUC students, be sure to check in with the Office of Volunteer Programs to get started!

10.  Indulge in winter drinks. 


Every coffee shop in America seems to have drinks they only sell during the winter. You work hard and deserve to treat yo' self a few times during this ever-stressful segment of the year.

11.  Curl up with a blanket and a book. 


There's nothing like snow gracefully hitting the ground outside to create the perfect reading environment. Take a short break from your studying-induced panic to enjoy a book you've been dying to read all semester (or year or two... college is rough, man).

12.  Make the most of the time you have left with your friends. 


Even if you're ready for a break from the people you've been spending all of your time with, you're going to miss them when they're miles, not steps, away from you at any given moment. Cherish the time you have with them—they've probably reached family-status in your life anyway.

It's the most wonderful time of the year—being a college student shouldn't completely hinder your ability to enjoy this marvelous month. Finals don't have to rule your world—winter holidays can play a role in your life right now too.

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17 Holidays Coming This May That You Need To Prepare For Now

It's going to be May!


Oh the month of May, the month of spring, the winding down of the school year with summer slowly approaching. May is notoriously known as the month that holds Mothers Day, but did you know that there are actually a handful of holidays happening in the month of May that are just as exciting as Mothers Day? Well, in case you didn't, I've decided to list a few.

1. May is National Salad Month

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2. May is National Hamburger Month

Not a salad fan? Well fret not because you can get your loose pants on to celebrate national burger month by trying different burgers everyday! Actually, for health purposes, you probably shouldn't. But hey, I do not judge your journey.

3. May is Older Americans Month

Take the time during the month of May to appreciate our older Americans. Go out and spend time with your granny, or heck volunteer at your local assisted living area or nursing home - those guys need some loving too.

4. International Tuba Day - May 3rd

This day falls on the first Friday of every May which happens to be the third! Go on and celebrate your tuba playing or your tuba playing friends!

5. Lumpy Rug Day - May 3rd

This day is always celebrated on May 3rd. This is the day where we take the time to appreciate a good rug. How do you enjoy lumpy rug day? Go buy yourself a new lumpy rug. Or, take the time to appreciate the rug you own.

6. Free Comic Book Day - May 4th

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7. Clean Up Your Room Day - May 10th

Hey, May is spring and spring is for cleaning.

8. International Migratory Bird Day - May 11th

This day falls on the second Saturday of every may. Take the time to go out into nature and learn about the bird flying into your area for the season.

9. National Windmill Day - May 11th

This is a traditional Holiday celebrated in Holland, the land of the Windmills. Take the time to brush up on your native roots or brush up on a new culture and dwell in this nation's pride in their windmills. Trust me, the history of it all is actually interesting.

10. Dance Like A Chicken Day - May 14th

Life is too serious guys. Take the time to dance like a chicken.

11. National Bike To Work Day - May 17th

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12. No Dirty Dishes Day - May 18th

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13. World Goth Day - May 22nd

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14. Don't Fry Friday - May 24th

Always celebrated the Friday before memorial day, don't fry Friday is the day to remember that summer is approaching and you need to take the proper steps to help protect the skin on your body. Sunscreen baby, sunscreen!

15. National Brown Bag It Day - May 25th

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16. Water A Flower Day - May 30th

Take the time to love Mother Earth by taking care of her plants on this day.

17. Save Your Hearing Day - May 31st

This is the day to take the time to learn about what causes hearing loss and how to prevent it.

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