"Excuse me, sir. Can you do us a favor? We need your help distracting the guy at the door while we sneak in."

My friend and I just traveled two hours to a concert venue just to realize that we both put the tickets in our carts and never actually checked them out.

The entire ride to Philadelphia we were blasting music, sharing our excitement to see our favorite artists and talking about the previous unforgettable memories we've had at the same venue... For the entire two hours we were completely oblivious to the two tickets gaining cobwebs in the virtual shopping cart I placed it in two months prior.

Refresh that. Not cobwebs, but two big red x's and "a sorry no more tickets available" link instead. The show had sold out. And we officially had no other way of getting tickets, in a town two hours away from home. We had arrived at the venue with our three other friends, who were all smart enough to buy tickets and had enough common sense to actually check them out.

Our initial idea was to walk in with them and hope the ticket checker just did not realize we didn't have tickets. But as one would expect we were caught red-handed. That led to step two which meant bribing. And as one would also expect, the guy would not budge.

Finally, we attempted the honesty policy and explained our situation in extreme as genuinely as possible and hoped he would pity our long travels and my extreme recklessness and lack of attention when it comes to ticket buying. I truly could've sworn I got a confirmation email and I would be so willing to buy tickets again right here right now but they're sold out.

You guys get the pattern by now, the guy was doing his job and could not let us in. That led to me and my friend going to the Jamaican Cuisine next door to grub on some good food and brainstorm…

We could not miss seeing our favorite artists because I'm a complete ditz. We were determined. So we went back to the venue and sat outside where we could still listen to the muffled music while we brainstormed.

I started to give up hope when my friend got up to go somewhere without telling me. I watched confused as he became engulfed in a conversation with a stranger.

"Excuse me, sir. Can you do us a favor? We need your help distracting the guy at the door while we sneak in." Next thing I knew I heard them talking about whether he should sing, dance, or yell to help us out and distract the man at the door while we snuck in.

They started doing an elaborate dance together, while I sat and laughed on the pavement while still lowkey crying cause the concert was now almost five songs deep. I continued to watch them do their thing when one of the three artists we were seeing happens to casually walk by to enter the venue.

Naturally, I screamed out "Oh my god, is that ******?" He came over to me on the pavement and shook my hand and gave me a hug as I fangirled. One of the most genuine and down to earth artists I've ever met. And then asked us why we weren't inside listening to the music playing.

I explained our situation and mocked my lack of attention to detail when buying tickets and searching my emails for a confirmation email. He laughed while he chewed on the chips he ate from his bag of Lays and motioned for us to go inside with him, to which I smoothly responded, "What?" To which he further explained that he thinks he has more room on his guest list, and that he could probably get us in.

The concert gods had answered our prayers and the look of the ticket checkers face while he had to let us in with one of the performers was the funniest thing I have ever seen. We thanked the artist that let us in a million times and got him flowers after the show. We stood front row the entire time and experienced the best concert high of our lives.

Maybe it's better that I accidentally didn't buy those tickets.