How A Cancelled Plane Ticket Ended Up With Us Taking A Trip To Los Cabos, Mexico

How A Cancelled Plane Ticket Ended Up With Us Taking A Trip To Los Cabos, Mexico

Attention ladies and gentlemen, your flight has been cancelled.

Mahi Patel

The idea of traveling in essence is the careful planning and execution of your own luck. There is always a chance that something may go wrong, and your itinerary is reduced to nothing, ripped into shreds at your feet. But there is also a chance that the route redirected could lead to a hidden alley way, where just around the corner you find that singular moment of satisfaction and belonging to a place.

I am a firm believer in the saying, "Everything happens for a reason," but sometimes events, people and places come together with no reason at all.

One delayed then cancelled flight showed me people at their worst and their best.

We woke up that morning with hopes of a last minute trip to the American treasure that is Yellowstone National park. With winter clothes in our bags and elks in our hearts we embarked on a journey filled with anticipation. The day was normal as can be. Arriving early, we were prepared for the stages of making our way to the gate. The day began to turn sour around lunch time when we decided to eat burgers despite knowing overpriced airport food was always a disappointment.

We went on, and then she said the words. "Attention ladies and gentlemen, your flight has been delayed for another 30 minutes" And so we waited. And waited. And waited some more, until it was five hours later, 7 p.m., and she had said, "Attention ladies and gentlemen, your flight has been cancelled."

The lady next to us was crestfallen as she had a toddler in tow, and a surprise birthday to attend (which obviously wasn't a surprise anymore). The man in front of us kept snoring. The family behind us raced to the counter beggging for any other flight. We quietly gathered our things, reached the main counter and sorted through the logistics.

It was shocking how quickly people changed in the midst of a small crisis. Calm mothers grew red with anger, families sitting multiple seats apart came together and the authority cowered in fear of a crowd hiding behind the kiosk with no real answers.

However, as we went home that night we kept repeating to ourselves, "Everything happens for a reason." Two hours later my dad had somehow gotten a great deal on a trip to Mexico, so while I screamed with excitement, my mom began the processes of repacking. I guess you could say that's how we ended up in Cabo a day later bags unloaded and hearts alive with the lull of the ocean.

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