After Thanksgiving, there are only a few weeks before the end of the semester. All of a sudden all the work and the busy schedule you have for finals comes rushing to your mind. During such a busy time of year with finals and the holiday season approaching, it is important to stay on top of things and push through. Here are some tips I have found help me in this busy stretch.

Christmas shop early


When Thanksgiving is over, a college student will often realize that there are only a few weeks before winter break and the holiday celebration. One of the hardest things about being away at college during the holiday season is figuring out how to fit in buying gifts for all the family and friends on your list. That is why I start shopping as early as possible and continue to online shop on Cyber Monday and the rest of the semester to get as many gifts bought before the stressful finals week begins. That way most (or all) my gifts can be done, and I can focus on finals. Also, I can always go shopping for the rest of my list the few days at home before Christmas.

Force yourself to go to quiet study spaces

As much as I love spending time in my dorm room with my roommates or cozying up on my bed, I always force myself to go to a quiet study space when I know that I need to get work done. Try to fit in an hour every day during busy times to set aside specifically for focused, crunch time work.

Do a little at a time

Procrastination is such a struggle. But, if you try to schedule small chunks of work each day, finishing up a project or studying for a test will be a lot more doable with so much happening this time of year. Even getting ahead for half an hour on a project that isn't due the next day or two will help you get along faster.

Stay clean and organized

Try to take some time to organize or clean your dorm room. A clean room will not only clear your head for studying and cramming for finals, but it also will help you prepare for figuring out what you will need to throw away, switch out, bring home, or keep at school when you pack for winter break.

Use your planner


Use your planner or make a schedule/to do list to plan out the rest of the semester. What assignments do you need to finish up? When are textbook rentals due back? When are your exams? What meetings do you have to attend? Keep track of everything and space out your time so you won't have too much in one day.

Make flashcards as you go


As you finish up the chapters and sections of your classes, make flashcards or highlight important things in your notes as you go, that way when finals week comes around you will have less to do.

Take advantage of Christmas sales


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other sales during this season are perfect for broke college students who need to buy gifts or even things for yourself. Don't forget that it is also a great opportunity to stock up on things for your room when stores like CVS or Walgreens have sales on tissues, toiletries, and even food.

Keep yourself healthy


Finals season also happens to be sick season. Yay, so convenient! Make sure to be disinfecting, exercising, eating healthy, and keeping away from any source of germs. The last thing anyone wants is a cold during the stressful last weeks or a Christmas cold!

Use apps or shortcuts to help study

Look up websites to help you study or apps like Quizlet. Look up Youtube videos. Make up acronyms or tricks for learning things. Just simply writing or reading to study gets old and your brain will appreciate doing something different.

Enjoy the holiday season as much as possible


Just because of finals, do not skip out on the fun holiday traditions or celebrations on campus, decorating your room, planning secret santa with roommates, listening to carols while you work, or allowing yourself to watch a Christmas movie once and awhile. It is hard to fit in as much holiday celebrating in such a short take advantage of it and don't let it go by too quickly.

Good luck to all the students pushing through the rest of the semester. It seems like a lot now, but before we know it, we will be home with friends and families enjoying the holidays!