He’s supposed to be your biggest hero

Your biggest supporter

And the one man who would never let you down

He’s supposed to catch your tears from falling and be there for you in every way

And that’s the crippling and earth shattering thing

In my case, he’s not

He’s one of my biggest let down’s

He’s made me cry a river of tears and was absent for the majority of my life

That’s what makes it so hard to get out of bed some mornings

He’s one of my creators, yet he has destroyed me like no other

Fire burns down my throat as I skeptically say “I love you too” as we greet each other

Obliviously ignoring clear signs that nothing will ever change

He’ll never fill the emptiness that resides within me

He’ll never say that he’s proud of me, or that I look beautiful with no makeup on

Which is such a damn shame…

That daddy is always supposed to make everything better

But for me, he makes everything worse.