Living And Finding Beauty In Your Own Persona

Living And Finding Beauty In Your Own Persona

We are in an important part of our lives, and it's time to unleash who we are by ignoring stereotypes and embracing our own beauty.


Adolescence is a hard time for just about anyone. Our hormone levels change, we have physical changes, our emotions may be all over the place, and our behavior could get out of hand. The way that we handle the changes could affect us in the long run, so why don't we just enjoy the moment we're living in now instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks?

Older generations have a tendency to say "College will be the best time of your life!" This generation, on the other hand, is known as the natives to technology. We were born within technology and grew when social media trended. In that case, we have become isolated in the technological world and develop problems regarding our physical appearance and our interests based off of what we see online.

In the past, beauty was different than it is now. Overtime, body types (especially for women) have gotten thinner and thinner. The skinnier and more fit you are, the more "attractive" you are supposed to be. Different mediums have developed this new facade of how women and men should look by displaying models in measurements that feel unattainable to many others. Victoria Secret has revealed the measurements of the "Angels" that represent their brand, and they have been scrutinized for creating a body image that may make other women feel bad about their appearance just because of the additional "fat" they may carry.

The solution is not to fall off the face of social media and ignore anything that could trigger an internet user about their body type and/or interests; it's unrealistic to just completely stop using it. Solutions like campaigns that embrace a variety of body types are making a positive change, but the responsibility also falls onto the hands of the user. We must all understand that everyone is beautiful and that things such as body image and being different should not stop us from loving ourselves. This is the time of our lives. We're building onto our future, and having a negative mindset from this important stage in our life could have a damaging effect on our attitudes and perception of the world as time goes on.

Enjoy the moment. Let go of all the false assumptions you created in your mind that stops you from feeling you. Life is more than just what people think about you. Put the phone down for a second, remind yourself of how far you've come in your life, and remember that beauty and character isn't just from a physical appearance. Beauty starts with the light you shine from your soul, and it starts when you begin to be the best version of you.

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