College Students Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Drunk Moments
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Student Life

24 people reveal their most embarrassing drunk moment and the results are cringe-worthy

Hold my beer.

flip cup table

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by a friend peer pressuring you to take more shots.

Or flip cup, a case race or thinking that day drinking for the entire tailgate wouldn't end badly. Surprise, it did. At least we lived to survive the tale.

While everyone is glad that they made it through their disastrous nights in one piece, a lot of people have embarrassing stories that haunt them at night.

I personally hurled into someone's toilet while their cat sat next to me and watched. Then I threw up on myself on a train. Classic.

At least I'm not these other 24 people who reveal their roughest night, because all I can say is yikes.

*Responses have been edited for clarity

1. This girl's 21st took a rumble

"Well, I have a million drunk stories so picking the most embarrassing will be damn near impossible. Here's a fun one though - on my 21st birthday I got REAL drunk. Like insane, obnoxious drunk.

I was already there before I got to the bars so that just made it a million times worse. On the way home I was being even more obnoxious (if that's even possible at this point.)

The ride home was through a lot of rough, torn up roads so there was a point where the driver hit some of the rumble strips on the side. And EVERY time he did it, I would scream, "BRRRR IM A RUMBLE STRIP BRRRRR."

It was just as annoying as you can imagine. But I'm telling you now - you gotta get rumble strip drunk on your birthday. It's embarrassing as hell to think I was out in public like that, but to think I was willing to do that is also so hilarious." - 21, F

2. Snow days = drunk accidents

"One time it was snowing on campus at like 11 p.m. and I made all of my friends (5 or 6 people, I knocked on all their doors til they answered) walk around campus with me, where I proceeded to jump into random snow banks and roll around, and then fell under a car.

I dropped my ID on the sidewalk where I could see it, and cried for 10 minutes that I lost it. Then when we got inside, I sang "Hello" by Adele at everyone I passed on my way into my room. Then I cried completely naked on my bed while my girlfriend tried to convince me to put clothes on to warm up." - 22, F

3. RIP those expensive falsies

"At my 21st birthday party, I ended up crying my fake eyelashes off as I sobbed at my friends' house on their couch. I was a hysterical mess sobbing because I convinced myself that all my friends had left me.

Just to be clear, my friends were in the other room. This lasted for roughly 30 minutes. Oh, and this all happened before midnight. I never even made it to the bars." - 21, F

4. We want whatever she had every weekend

"I once got so belligerently drunk at a party that after 13 cups of jungle juice and some highly potent weed I had to be carried home by my girlfriend (we had just started dating.)

The whole way to her room I yelled at a public safety officer, tried to fight a fraternity, cried about a chapel being so big and flipped it off and then proceeded to fall down a hill. Once we got to her dorm I took my pants off to vomit and then quoted a workout video in between puking." - 22, F

5. You alright girl??

"I was over my friend's house for a sleepover. They made this grape vodka and grape Gatorade concoction that was absolutely disgusting, but free alcohol, right?

I thought I peed myself so I went to the bathroom to check. I jumped to try and see my butt in the mirror, but I didn't land and sprained my ankle. I was crawling up the stairs when my friend's cousin saw me and asked if I was okay.

This was the first time I ever sprained my ankle and still to this day i constantly injure it." -19, F

6. Not gonna lie, this one made me gag a little

"I was super drunk and the guy I was into was going to come over. I didn't want to smell like alcohol (as if it wasn't obvious) so I decided to use some mouthwash. The mint made me like exorcist vomit all over sisters boyfriends laptop. So.. my night ended with embarrassment and smelling like minty vomit instead of just alcohol." - 21, F

7. God bless the friends that carry your messy self

"Once, after a party, my friends were nice enough to pick me up. I didn't think I was drunk or needed help, but who was I to turn down an escort? One friend helped me down the stairs and out of the apartment, then started to lead me toward the car.

He let go of my arm for ONE SECOND, and all of the sudden, I remember thinking 'Why are the tail-lights of the car ABOVE me?' I fell. Facedown.

When I realized what had happened, I got up, brushed myself off, and got in the car. When I sat down, I looked at the driver and said 'God. Now you think I'm a drunk bitch.' (I, in fact, was a drunk bitch.)" - 21, F

8. Trying to be classy never works

"I never shotgun beers because I'm 'classy' but I got drunk with my friends and I shotgunned a beer and I beat them all. But then I couldn't breathe right and almost puked." - 20, F

9. I'm sorry but I would never be as helpful as this girl's friend

"I drank a lot of beer and mixed drinks throughout the day outdoors in the summer but didn't think I was super wasted, so I kept drinking that night and taking shots of hard liquor. I was cuddled on the couch with this dude and I was like 'hold please, I have to pee.' I then went to the bathroom and BLACKED OUT WHILE PEEING.

I woke up to my friend helping me (aka wiping my ass) because I had SHIT in the toilet instead of peed and VOMITED IN THE TRASHCAN WHILE SHITTING. She helped me clean it all up and made the soberest guy drive me home. You can say it was a... shitty situation." - 22, F

10. YIKES. Texting guys is a no-go.

"For as long as I can remember, my guy best friend has been my drunk text. One night I was with two of my girl friends and I texted my BFF and asked if he had feelings for me which was SOO not the case. The worst part was that I didn't remember until he reminded me about it the next day. We're still best friends and we still laugh about it to this day!" - 20, F

11. Who doesn't hate water when they're hammered?

"I was coming home from a party and I was so gone that I had my two friends help take me home because I had the worst case of the giggles. Then they locked me out of my dorm because they had my phone and tried to take my alcohol away. I then told my friend I hate water when I'm drunk and if I have to wash my hands I need hand sanitizer." - 21, F

12. BET

" I was just hanging out with my friends, but it was only the second time I had drank so I got really drunk really fast. It was the middle of winter and I had worn sweatpants over pajama shorts. I got hot after I started drinking so I was just chilling in my pajama shorts.

When it was time to go, my friend told me to put my sweatpants back on so my legs didn't freeze. I didn't want to. He said, 'You're going to put them on or we're going to put them on for you' and I was like "Bet."

Then he lifted me up over his head like Simba at the beginning of the Lion King and I flailed my legs around, but my other friend put my sweatpants on me. I was no match. Then I knocked over a box of Q tips and started bawling my eyes out because I felt so bad about it." - 21, F

13. The tequila shots explain everything

"Took seven tequila shots before a sports formal, continued to drink there and spilled three of my date's drinks. I hopped up on a table in my heels and apparently was yelling at the girls trying to get me down (sorry) and ditched my date.

I danced with my best friend's hookup and her and ended up making out with both of them; then when it was time to leave I was looking for my best friend and saying "excuse me, Pardona me" and some bitch tried me and I went to punch her. My date had to grab me and throw me in the girls bathroom to stop me." - 21, F

14. Grandma's..meatballs? Knees weak, arms are heavy

"One time at the lake. I was playing beer pong with my cousins and friends and got pretty plastered because my friend didn't drink beer so I had to drink all of my cups and hers.

My grandma came home and I got anxious and blacked out. The next thing I remember is my cousin having to pull trig on me and throwing up grandma's meatballs all over his new pants and sobbing on the ground all because grandma came home." - 21, F

15. Any cheap drink is a recipe for disaster

"Got very drunk on $1 mixed drinks and needed help down the stairs. I fell and then threw up all over the very attractive bouncer!" - 23, F

16. Luck of the Irish, eh?

"I went to a frat party on St. Patrick's Day my sophomore year and I got so drunk I puked all over the frat's parking lot in front of at least 50 people." - 21, F

17. Well, at least he knows you like him

"The first time I ever got drunk, I kept telling my boyfriend over and over how handsome he is and then proceeded to cry until I fell asleep because he wouldn't let me brush my teeth with acne cream." - 19, F

18. Moving a drunk body or a dead body?

"I was at the bar drinking beer when some of my high school buddies came in. They drink shots. Well, somehow I ended up taking a couple shots too. Needless to say, my 17-year-old son had to drive me home, but not before I puked in the back of my truck.

My wife had to call her brother to help get me in the house. I refused to walk. I just wanted to sleep right there on the ground in the rain. They ended up getting me onto a tarp and dragged me into the house where I slept on the floor." - 43, M

19. "...can we get a washcloth or something with that, too?"

"I puked out the window of a stranger's car in a McDonald's drive-through." - 21, F

20. I'm guessing that you didn't win

"I tried to pick a fight at a party and then had a panic attack and started crying." - 21, F

21. Flyers fans, man

"I was thrown out of the NHL Stadium Series for telling Penguins fans to 'come down here and we will settle it Philly Style.,' and that I would 'slit all of their throats." - 23, M


"I beer bonged a grape four loko, threw up all over myself, and then had to be driven home." - 20, F

23. I admire the effort, though

"I challenged someone to a race and face planted on the second step." - 22, M

24. Are you still alive after that night?

"I hit on another girl right in front of my girlfriend." - 21, M

In case you wonder if everyone remembers that one time you puked in front of a frat house or when your RA wrote you up for screaming and bawling in the hallway, breathe. They probably don't because everyone has a traumatizing story just like you.

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