Starting in middle school, when I would get home earlier from school, the first thing I did was run into the family room and turn on "Ellen." This trend continued just about every day through senior year of high school. Now, in college, with my schedule all over the place, I can't always watch Ellen live at 3 p.m., but instead, I installed the "EllenTube" app and I still don't miss a beat. Everyone should bring a little bit of Ellen into their lives, and here are all the reasons why:

1. She is kind 


With so much negativity and sadness around society, it is important to remember there is so much good in the world too, and Ellen reminds us of that. By sharing inspirational stories, and giving to those in need, Ellen shows everyone the importance of being kind to one another, and ends every show with the same phrase, "be kind to one another."

2. She is funny 

Ellen Dancing

Ellen's career started off in stand up, and although she doesn't do it as often anymore, she still incorporates comedy into her show daily, which is sure to give you a laugh and put a smile on your face.

3. She is inspirational 


Ellen acts as a role model everyone can look up to. She is brave and shows others the importance of being yourself, and truly embracing who you are. By speaking up for what she believes in, it shows others that their voices are also important in order to see a change in the world today.

4. She is welcoming 

Ellen Dancing

Her stage on the Warners Brothers lot is a place where you are encouraged to dance, sing, have fun, and be yourself. When I visited California this past summer and was lucky enough to see her set, she wasn't filming, but I could still feel a sense of belonging when sitting in the bright blue audience chairs and standing on her big stage.

Ellen shows others the importance of happiness and kindness in everyday life. She is a role model for everyone who needs a laugh, an inspirational story, or who needs a little guidance to find themselves. By watching her on a daily basis, I have learned to look at the world with an open mind and treat others with nothing short of kindness. Ellen DeGeneres definitely lives up to her name as she shares her "generosity" with others on her TV show and viewers at home. If you haven't watched a single episode of "Ellen," start watching now, and your outlook on life will begin to be both brighter and happier.