Being Happy
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Being Happy

Don't worry, be happy!

Being Happy


I'm back again and its been quite long.

Nevertheless, this time, I have some REAL good news to spill....

Have you recently felt like your life has lost its spark?

Like the things you once loved, you don't love anymore?

and the monotonous cycle of everyday life keeps repeating itself over and over again?

Worry not, for this is not a a meaningless-not well directed- health product commercial!

This is *drumroll* The Secret to Being Happy!

Being a sophomore in college, comes with its own challenges. Be it the stress of academics, challenges of time management or even navigating through a new life. Among all of this, taking time out for yourself and really trying to achieve internal happiness can be a task.

Now I understand that a lot of people reading this aren't in college and are probably running a household/business of their own; and have bigger issues to stress about. Nonetheless, the the idea of being internally happy and self-satisfied is something, I guess, everyone would want; be it 5,15 or 20 years down the line.

Here's a few things I do to maintain balance and be happy on the ~inside~

1. Get enough sleep- Sleep is very important. To be happy means to be rested. The human body was created to do amazing things. Overworking and stressing out is not one of them. Go to sleep at a reasonable time and sleep in on Sundays. Your body will thank you!

2. "Me" Time- Take out at least 20 minutes of your day for yourself. I do this before I go to bed but it's a MUST! With the hectic schedule I have, this is something I look forward to. For me, having these 20 minutes to myself changes my mood. Since I do it before I go to bed (at an ungodly hour), it helps me in get motivated for the next day! I also drink green tea (#healthylife?) as a part of my routine. To be very honest, I do it because it's just a part of my routine now and sticking to a routine makes humans feel as if they're in control; a green flag for Mr. Brain.

3. Affirmations- ......and they're back again! My good old friend, the Law of Attraction is here once again. Everyone reading this is probably wondering "oh, so now she's here again with that same old speak positive stuff." But can I really do anything if that is the magic spell that fixes everything? I learn't about it when I was 14, and today, when I'm 19, You see, it doesn't really matter if you're 14 or 50, the Art of speaking/writing/thinking (and of course, doing good) only makes things better. Positive affirmations are "food for the Soul" and you don't want your Soul to starve, do you?

4. Laughing- "Anjika, we asked you how to be happy and you told us to laugh? That doesn't make sense?" Oh, it does.

Think about this: Every time you see a meme, or watch a stand-up comedian's performance and laugh, is it because you're " internally and eternally happy and self satisfied and are in awe of the beauty of everyday life"? No. It's because well... you saw something, found it funny and laughed. Those four seconds you were laughing, contribute to the bigger picture. Aside from improving lung capacity, it just makes you radiate positivity, so why not? There's a reason they say Laughter is the best medicine!


5. EFT Tapping- This is something I recently found out and have started to explore. Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping is basically "a self-help technique that involves tapping near energy meridians located around the body. It is used to reduce tension, promote deeper mind-body connection and manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress." I dedicated 5 mins every Sunday afternoon to this and so far, I have seen its affects on my mood!


This is the link to GalaDarling's Tap Sessions!

I know this article is similar to one of the very first ones I published. But Happiness, Gratitude and Positivity are three Best Friends that walk hand-in-hand.

My only wish for you, every single one of you is that you take time out of your busy busy schedule and focus on yourself. and your happiness. I hope you know the importance of laughter and joy and living in the present! Always remember,

Getting the things you want, won't make you happy.

But by being happy, you will get the things you want.

Love & Light,


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