The Edgewater: Langdon's Newest Neighbor
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The Edgewater: Langdon's Newest Neighbor

You've probably seen it while driving down UW-Madison's Greek Row, Langdon Street, or have at least heard about it through the grapevine. Regardless, it's a place you want to check out.

The Edgewater: Langdon's Newest Neighbor

You may think that a new hotel is irrelevant to us college students, but here are some reasons why all of us can benefit from the Edgewater:

1. Perfect for parent's weekends.

The Edgewater has over 200 rooms, and is conveniently located right at the end of Langdon. This is perfect for those of us living on Langdon because our parents won't have to drive or walk far from their hotel when you want to see them. Plus, when they're drunkenly stumbling with you after a gameday, you can crash with them and order room-service.

2. Spa.

This place is a lot more than just a lodging facility. It has a spa that offers a blow dry bar, makeup, waxing, facial treatments, and nail services. Ladies, here's the place we've all been looking for to get pampered before formal.


Yep. This place even has a gym. To top that off, they offer personal training services for members. Their website states that there is unlimited access to three fitness studios from 5 AM – 10 PM, full-service locker rooms, a steam room, and a relaxation pool. When it's -20 degrees outside and you don't want to walk all the way to the SERF, The Edgewater is a nice 5 minute walk from anywhere on Langdon. To start a membership, call 608-535-8240.

4. Event rooms.

The Edgewater has a grand ballroom,outdoor plaza, intimate private dining areas, and two private event spaces atop each of the hotel towers. So if you're trying to find a space to host a philanthropy, fundraising event, social event, or any event really, The Edgewater might be a good place to contact.

5. Ice Rink.

You can rent skates, and warm up inside the indoor Icehouse with food and drink. It's open all season, so let the winter festivities commence.


Fellas, I'm sure any girl would love to be taken to one of the exceptional restaurants at The Edgewater. There's the signature restaurant, the Statehouse, the outdoor grab-and-go restaurant, the Icehouse, and the lake-level and waterfront restaurant, the Boathouse. Along with these, there's a cafe and even a dinner CRUISE (coming in 2015). Pretty swanky if you ask me.

If you couldn't tell by the above information, The Edgewater is bound to be one of Madison's finest hotels and event centers in the upcoming years. It even caters to us college students, and offers so many things that we can benefit from. The link to their website is, and their main telephone number is 800-922-5512. 

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