New Single Raises Awareness About Eating Disorders
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VISTA's New Single Raises Awareness Of Eating Disorders

Trigger warning: eating disorders.

VISTA's New Single Raises Awareness Of Eating Disorders

VISTA is an electronic/alternative rock band that formed in New York in 2015. The band is made up of duo Hope Vista(lead singer) and Greg Almeida (guitarist). What separates VISTA from other alternative rock bands is their use of electronic music blended with modern day alternative influences to create a unique sound.

On March 29, VISTA released their most recent single 'Eat (I Must).' The song is about body dysmorphia and how singer Hope Vista, as well as many others, struggle with it. On her Facebook page, Vista opened up about her battle with anorexia when she was a teenager.

"This is not a story I have openly shared with many out of guilt, shame, and embarrassment over what I put my body through when I was 16-18. Now at 25, I'd be lying if I said that what I see in my reflection lines up with reality. It was crucial to my healing process to write this song, as I was able to confront my guilt and acknowledge what I did wrong; over the years I have struggled with intense feelings of shame because I was unintentionally, but knowingly, putting my body in danger. The anorexic and dysmorphic voice in my head will always be present, and I have spent the last nearly 8 years learning how to live with the lies it tells me. I love you all n thank you for listening to the music we created to tell my story. -Hope Vista

When I think of an alternative, I think of a milder version of hardcore punk or pop punk. As for electronic, I think of EDM, bouncy, high pitched, music that you can dance to in a club or bar, so when I heard the single, I was greatly surprised with what I heard. I think the best way to describe the overall sound for the song is dark. It's not dark in a way that makes it come across as haunted, but more as like you can hear the war that must've been going on in Vista's head. It's upbeat, however not in a way that would be a dance to.

The three best words to describe the single is, raw, emotional, and serious. I feel like I can visualize Hope's realization that she wasn't okay and needed to figure out what she wanted. Did she want to fight to regain control or give into the darkness and pressure of being thin? It's the story of personal struggle as well as knowing that while you might not have planned on letting things go that far until you're already there. It's not a topic that should be taken lightly. Anorexia is very real, and in a society where people are body shamed, it's easy to forget that you're perfect the way you are because you don't need to measure up to the standards of the media or others.

I applaud Hope for putting this song out. It's not something that's easy to admit, especially something you were ashamed of when you were younger. Looking back to her younger self and taking that lesson from her past (that's sensitive none the less) is impressive, and I truly think she should be very proud of herself. Hopefully, others who are going through the same or similar thing listen to this song and realize they're not alone and that someone understands what they are currently going/went through, and that there is a way to come back from it.

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