Easy ways to switch up your style
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Easy ways to switch up your style

Look No Further, We’ve Got the Tips to Switch Up Your Style

Easy ways to switch up your style

Find out how easy it is to switch to a fresh style.

Whoever said you aren’t allowed to switch up your style had no clue what they were talking about. We think that switching up your style is a necessary step in your ongoing style evolution. If you were a preppy girl throughout college and well into your adult years and you are ready to slip into some gorgeous women’s heels or that leather biker jacket you’ve always dreamed of, then look no further as we’ve got some cool tips and tricks that’ll help you switch up your style!

Research assorted styles
Now let’s start with the fun part. Buy some glossy magazines, log into Pinterest or Instagram, and you have a world full of inspiration right at your fingertips. Here, you will see the latest fashion trends not only from the runway but also from influencers. What’s great is that you can also create a board on Pinterest and save all your style ideas in one space, making it easier to refer back to when you eventually go shopping.

Get rid of the clutter
Before you head out the front door for an epic shopping spree, you first need to clear out some clothing and accessories you no longer wear AND that you know you would not want to wear in the future. Don’t just toss them away but instead go to your local goodwill and drop it off. PS, always clean your items before giving them to charity. What decluttering does is show you firstly what you have in your wardrobe, what you are not wearing, and what you can give away. If you have an idea of your fresh style, only toss out clothing you know will not match your new style. And if you are feeling extra brave, revamp the entire wardrobe while you are at it.

Plan your looks
Right, you have your fresh style in mind, and you’ve decluttered your wardrobe and donated any clothing you will no longer need. Now it’s time to plan your new looks. A tip here is to think about your outfits and how they can match each other and the rest of the clothing in your wardrobe. Not only is this cost-effective, but it also opens you up to creative ways of dressing up or down. And now you are ready to head out of the front door to snap up your new looks.

It’s not only about the clothes
Your style is not only defined by your clothes. You can easily switch up your style with a new haircut and a different daily makeup look. And we’ve got some tips for you.

This one is really about your preference. If you’ve only stuck to simple makeup like a little blush here or there with lipstick and mascara, now’s the time to swap it for something out there. Add a few hints of gold to your eyes, contour your cheekbones and add an extra step in your lip routine by applying lip liner before you apply your lipstick. These subtle additions will completely transform your new look. Another tip to consider is to match your makeup to your new style. So, if you’ve gone with the off-the-catwalk look, then bright and bold makeup is exactly what you are after. Remember, it’s all about your taste. And that’s what makes changing your style so fun; you are allowed to customize it to suit your needs.


Many of us are unaware of how amazing we’d look if we just changed our hairstyles. And while it’s completely normal to stick to one hairstyle your entire life if you so choose, a trim here and a tint there will add straight fire to your new style. Have Rapunzel-length hair? Head down to your local beauty salon and opt for a chic bob. Already have short hair. Heck, go shorter and get a buzz cut. Buzz cuts are highly attractive and not only reserved for men. You can also look at the latest hairstyle trends to see what’s in for the season. And while we know going for a trim every six weeks or even changing your hairstyle every season can become a costly affair, changing your hair does add so much character. PS, always go for a hairstyle that suits your face, and generally, hair stylists know exactly what works and what does not.

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