9 Easy Traveling Tips

9 Traveling Tips That Are Important For Going Out Of The State Or Out Of The Country

To travel is to live.


Everyone knows how amazing it feels to plan a vacation, and then finally book it. Once it's booked you feel great because you know you'll be going away in the future. As the date approaches you probably feel a little stressed because you have so much to do whether it's shopping for new outfits or need to get your hair/nails done.

Then comes the dreaded packing! Packing can take forever! i usually just end up overpacking and no even using 90% of what I pack. When it's the day before you start to feel jittery and maybe a little anxious. You're worried about making it to the airport on time, and finding your gate. Once you are at your gate, you can't wait to board the plane because that means in a few hours you'll be in paradise! Here are 4 tips on how to stay calm before your vacation.

1. Pack ahead of time

Don't wait until the last minute to pack your bags or luggages. You'll run around like a chicken with no head if you save it for the last minute. The week before just start putting some items that you know you won't use until your vacation. If you bought some new clothes specifically for your vacation, put them in your bag. If you bought some travel size toiletries for the trip, throw them in the bag! If you pack the night before you will go it will stress you out, guaranteed! It's ok to pack necessities like your toothbrush or medications on the day of the trip.

2. Get dolled up in advance

Everyone loves to get their hair, nails, and lashes done before they leave which is great! Don't save those tedious tasks for the last minute because, chances are it won't work out too well for you. Whenever I'm in a rush my hair stylist is always packed, so I try to get my hair done the week before I fly out. The a day or two prior to the vacation to get those tasks done is when I get my nails and lashes done.

3. Make arrangements on transportation weeks before

Unless you want to drive to the airport and pay a ridiculous amount of money to park there (which you probably don't), you'll have to secure a ride to the airport. Reach out to family or friends a month to a week before the vacation. If you secure a ride early in the game, make sure you communicate with them a week before the flight and make sure they're still able to bring you. If you're going to be driving during the vacation book a car when you're booking your vacation or wait until the week before. Do NOT try to get a car rental the day before your flight. You will be stressed! Renting a car in advance helps you when it comes to packing because, you know the size of the car beforehand so you'll know what your limits are when it comes to bags and luggages. Do the same thing when it comes to getting someone to pick you up from the airport. A few days before your vacation ends, reach out to that person and make sure they can still get you. Please give your ride accurate times!

4. Check in the day before

This is a small thing but it helps keep me stress free the most! A lot of airlines allow you to go online the day fore the flight and check in. Doing that means you don't have to wait in that annoying line. Take advantage of this! The earlier you check in, the better seating you'lll get so this definitely is in your best interest to do this.

5. Say goodbye early

Usually when you're going away everyone will want to see you before you leave. Make plans with them, and see them a few days before you leave! You don't want to be stuck at someone's house the day before your flight.

6. Take time out of work well in advance

Unless you're your own boss, you probably have to go through the wonderful process of requesting time off from work. Once you book your vacation, tell your managers and write it down, or enter it into the system. You don't want to let your job know too late about your vacation. It was cause issues, and you wouldn't like that if someone was going on vacation and left you to figure how to run business.

7. Get to the airport 2 hours before your flight

Flights are unpredictable! Sometimes they get delayed, changed, or cancelled. Getting there 2 hours early gives you enough time to get through security, find your gate, eat, and shop. I enjoy sitting by my gate that way I can get in line faster. You never know how the security lines will be, so prepare for the worst and get there early.

8. Make sure your bags weigh within the specified guidelines

Do yourself a favor and weigh your bags before you get to that airport! If your bag is too heavy you pay a fee, or you will be forced to take things out of your luggage, and throw it away. If you're stuck taking things out of your luggage, that takes times away from getting to your gate.

9. Make sure you aren't bringing prohibited items

Some items are prohibited from being put on a plane, so steer clear from those items. You can find what you can and can't bring here.

I hope these tips are useful for all. They have greatly helped me in all of my vacations, and I will continue to live by these.

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