Easter from an adult perspective can seem very childish or uneventful but I'm here to change that. Easter is the best time to get together with friends, it has the best food and candy, and has the best color scheme.


During other holidays you feel overwhelmed and stressed. New Years and St Patty's you have to get drunk and on Christmas, you have to get everyone the perfect gift even if you aren't Christian. Thanksgiving you have to gorge yourself and don't even get me started on Valentines Day. Easter is so carefree and delightful. You could spend all day in bed just watching T.V. or go out and do things. There aren't any obligations, no worries, just bunnies and good times.


This is pasta salad season my dudes. I know I will be making a vegan version for the holiday! There are amazing desserts and snacks. The real reason Easter tops all holidays is how many varieties of candy there are! Chocolate, sugar covered marshmallows, jelly beans!!! So. Many. Jellybeans. You can have light wines and just snack on some peeps or even something healthy! Spring is the best time for potlucks and picnics. You won't sweat to death sitting outside and the bugs aren't in full force yet!

The colors.

I know this sounds very minor but springtime leads to beautiful colors. Flowers vary from yellows to blue and white, any combination you could imagine is blooming. The grass seems a little greener and the sky seems even bluer. Everything around has pastel colors all over, pinks and blues reign. There are even kits to color little eggshells making them pop! Kids run around in cute little dresses and ties.

Easter may have very religious backgrounds but even if you aren't celebrating in the typical sense, there are so many reasons it's a big holiday.