Easter in Quarantine - Ideas for the Whole Family
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Easter in Quarantine - Ideas for the Whole Family

There's no reason you can't still celebrate Easter!

Easter in Quarantine - Ideas for the Whole Family

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. It has so much joy and brightness to it. Unfortunately many of favorite traditions are unable to be celebrated this year (including visiting my aunt's golden retriever). But there are plenty of cute things you can do this Easter at home.

Bunny Cake

Ever make a bunny cake? It's so cute and super easy!

All you need to make is 2 cakes.

One cake is the head and the other you can use to make the bow tie and the two ears.

Click here to learn exactly what to do.

Bunny cupcakes

This year my mom and I are making bunny cupcakes! We decided to do cupcakes instead of bunny cake because it's easier to spread less germs with cupcakes. We are simply going to put coconut on them to make it look like fur. We are going to use icing and jellybeans to make the facial features.

Dress up

Every year we dress up for Easter service and brunch. Even though we can't go to either this year, we are still going to dress up. It will be a change from wearing hoodies and sweatpants everyday.

Online mass

Many local churches are arranging for their parishioners to call in or zoom into mass or service on Easter Sunday. St. Patrick's Cathedral is also hosting a live mass on Easter Sunday that people can watch. It can be seen on St. Patrick's Cathedral's YouTube page live at 10am.

Easter Egg Hunt

Create your own Easter egg hunt for your family, or, do a virtual one! Hide eggs around your house or and video chat with your friends or family. Walk around the house and have them look for the eggs while you're doing so!

Zoom brunch

Zoom with your family. Make a special brunch, something you may normally have for brunch on Easter Sunday and encourage your family that you would normally spend Easter with to do the same. There's no reason you can't chat over brunch!

Dress up your pet as a bunny

Your dog or cat may not like this but it will be awfully cute! It will make some pretty great pictures for the gram!

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