There are so many ways to shop local and secondhand, and they can all have positive effects on your life as well as your community. Check out these 5 reasons to buy clothes from secondhand stores!

1. It's Easier On Your Bank Account

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Buying clothing from secondhand stores is almost always cheaper than heading to the mall; this is especially true if you chose the Goodwill or thrift store route, but consignment shops or chains like Plato's Closet are also less expensive options. Many consignment shops will also allow you to bring in your own clothes you no longer need, so you can make money to use on your new purchases.

2. You're Helping The Environment

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Production of clothing and textiles creates environmental waste. Fast fashion stores, like many of the stores in the mall. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation states that 73% of clothing waste ends up in a landfill or incinerated. The report also states that textile production negatively impacts the global water scarcity due to it's need for 93 cubic meters of water annually for production. Buying secondhand can eliminate these negative environmental impacts of production.

3. You May Be Creating A Positive Impact In Your Community

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Many local thrift shops benefit the community you live in on a local level. Thrift stores are often sponsored by local nonprofits, such as the Salvation Army, animal shelters, or other programs that help the homeless. Part of the proceeds from your purchase could be going back to your own community, which allows you to create a positive impact just by shopping.

4. Your Clothes Will Be Unique

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When you shop at the mall, it's common to see your same outfit a few times around town on other people; this is especially true when living in a college town. If you choose to shop secondhand, you will have less of a chance of having the same items as everyone else, allowing you a greater opportunity to develop your own personal style.

5. It Will Be Easier To Save Your Money

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With such low prices in secondhand stores, it's much easier to spend less on clothes, so you'll be able to save your hard-earned money easier. Shopping secondhand also means sorting through racks of clothing in your size, so it may take longer for you to find clothes you like. This can be helpful in eliminating impulse purchases.