5 Reasons Morning Classes Aren’t As Horrible As You Think, As Told By A Night Owl
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Student Life

5 Reasons Morning Classes Aren’t As Horrible As You Think, As Told By A Night Owl

Every night owl should give it a shot.

5 Reasons Morning Classes Aren’t As Horrible As You Think, As Told By A Night Owl

As a college student, planning the perfect course schedule is key to a successful quarter or semester.

Your course schedule can be a pretty good indicator of the workload, the level of stress you'll be under, overall enjoyment and satisfaction of your major choice, and most importantly—how much sleep you'll be getting.

Many try to avoid early morning classes at all costs. Whether it be partying, staying up all night to finish up the paper you procrastinated on for days and weeks, or even just scrolling through Instagram for hours to catch up on the latest fashion trends, morning classes are the common enemy to all night owls, including myself.

As much as I – the queen of all night owls – would like to have steered clear of any early morning classes throughout my college career, I had no choice but to enroll in what I thought was going to be a hellish Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m. statistics class this quarter due to it being one of my major requirement courses.

Even before the quarter began, I was already dreading the fact that I would have to wake up at 7 a.m. twice a week and consequently, suffer from sleep deprivation until Christmas break came around.

However, to my own surprise, it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I even came up with 5 reasons anyone should consider taking early morning classes.

Wow. Is this a new me?

1. You’ll have so much more time in a day.

This is an obvious one but seriously, waking up early makes you feel like you have twice as much time in a given day to do whatever you need to do or want to do.

Not only can you catch up on readings, take that extra time to study for quizzes/exams, but also go for a run and even eat the hearty breakfast you never had time for.

The early bird catches the worm? You bet!

2. You WILL get used to going to bed early and waking up early.

You probably worry that you won't be able to wake up early because you go to bed so late every night.

Trust me, once you start waking up early, even just for a couple of days, your body will be tired by the time it's 9 p.m. and you'll want to go to bed early more than anything.

Humans are creatures of habit, after all.

3. The days you get to sleep in will be even sweeter

Even if you adapted to this new early bird lifestyle successfully, no one said you're not allowed to still sleep in here and there.

Now that you're the early bird king/queen, sleeping in will feel more than heavenly – way more than when sleeping in was already in your daily routine.

4. Morning air

Two words: Morning. Air.

It is one of the most amazingly refreshing scents that you can come across in your lifetime. Troy and Gabriella would say it's the start of something new. Aladdin and Jasmine would say it's a whole new world.

I think it's about time Tide seriously considers developing a ~magical early morning air~ scent.

5. Bragging rights

As much as we hate when others brag, let's face it, we love to brag about ourselves more than anything. In college, ironically, people "brag" about how they barely slept the other night; it's almost a competition of who got the least sleep because apparently that translates to how much "harder" your life is and thus, you're a more "accomplished" person.

Well, if that's the case, hurrah! This is YOUR time to shine. You can finally go tell all your friends how much you "suffer" from your early morning classes (keep in mind though that in reality, you actually don't even suffer because you've been reborn as the early bird king/queen that you are).

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