Early Decision Admittees: Here's What You Should Know
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Early Decision Admittees: Here's What You Should Know

Your family and friends still have time to get you your school's merch for Christmas!

Early Decision Admittees: Here's What You Should Know
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I remember last year when I was applying to colleges and freaking out over whether or not I'd get in. What made my college application process particularly special, though, was that I applied Early Decision to Villanova University. I chose to apply ED, regardless of the binding contract that I had to sign because I loved it that much. I was ready to figure out where I was going to be going to college, and I wanted all of the stress to be over.

I know that Early Decision is a fairly popular choice for many students, especially those applying to competitive schools. Anything to increase your chances, right? Let's say you get in. You're set. College apps are over for you, and that heavy weight is lifted off your shoulders for the first time in months. Let's say that that happens. Here's what you need to know.

First off, congratulations! Getting into college is no easy feat and you should be extremely proud. You should also be extremely excited, considering the fact that you probably got into your first choice school. I know that I spent so much time on Villanova's website looking at all of the things that I would be experiencing and doing in the upcoming school year. I went on YouTube and searched videos of the campus and watched videos from the previous year's Candidate's Day and Orientation. Don't feel embarrassed to show your excitement wherever you go because you have every right to brag about your accomplishment, at least this one.

Mostly, it's time to get excited. College is an amazing experience that is both nerve-wracking and incredible at the same time. The best part about hearing back in mid-December is that there's still time for your family and friends to get you your school's merch for Christmas! I spent hours on my school's bookstore website looking at different sweatshirts, t-shirts, and pajama pants, wishing I could buy all of them (but trust me, you'll get plenty of free shirts once you get on campus).

The biggest advice I could give is to make connections with people as soon as possible. My best friends right now are friends that I met as early as February before move-in. It's so important to create bonds with people so that you feel as comfortable as possible when you move in. Joining the admitted students' GroupMe is a good way to do that, but be careful on those. First impressions are everything and it's easy to get sucked into the excitement of it and come across as overwhelming. And I promise you, the GroupMe is not representative of the entire incoming Freshman class.

Finally, I advise you to take a deep breath and give yourself some credit. You've done an amazing thing, and the most exciting part of your life (at least so far) is about to begin. Spend time with your friends because no one knows where they're going to end up in the Fall. Spend time with your family because their hearts are breaking seeing you getting ready to leave, but their spirits are soaring knowing that you're starting this journey. Go do amazing things, because high school is over.

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