Most skincare product advertisements mention its usefulness against oily skin, claiming its power against acne and blackheads. Many prefer dry skin and constantly comment on how lucky these people are. But as someone with extremely dry skin, life isn't always easy for us. In fact, here are four of the most annoying cons of having dry skin.

1. Getting static-y simply by moving

If you live in an place with carpet, be ready to constantly have hair stuck to your face and clothes stuck to you. Want to layer two shirts for more warmth in the winter? Do it at your own risk. It's hard to look good when your hair is stuck to your face 24/7 even with layers of lotion and hair oil.

2. Experiencing the Sahara desert on your face every time you use face wash

There are face washes suitable for all skin types, but for dry skin, sometimes the face wash still does not work. It does a great job cleaning the pores and all that, but is it worth the inevitable skin peeling off afterwards? Even with moisturizer, your face still feels like it's falling off every night.

3. Lotioning multiple times a day out of necessity

Ideally, you'd be able to use those scented body lotions from Bath and Body Works or any lotion procured from anywhere. Unfortunately for people with dry skin, just regular lotion is not enough. Even intensively hydrating lotions from regular brands don't work well at all. Instead, we're stuck with more expensive, dermatologist recommended intense-healing-for-extremely-dry-skin products that leave you feeling like you literally had to lather on oil to stay moisturized.

4. Getting shocked on everything

By everything, I mean really, everything. Water faucet? Check. A light switch? Definitely. Who knew it was even possible to get shocked by a computer THROUGH a backpack? Definitely not me before having that happen to me multiple times in a row. Want to wear that cute and warm fuzzy sweater this winter? Rethink that decision my friend, because you'll end up actually generating electricity on everything you touch.