Chemicals in dry shampoo.
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PSA, Batiste Dry Shampoo Caused My Hair To Fall Out

Is your dry shampoo clean?

PSA, Batiste Dry Shampoo Caused My Hair To Fall Out

Being a girl with naturally curly hair isn't all fun and games; tangles, frizz, curls, etc. But once you get past this and learn to style your hair, your life becomes much easier.

If you're like me, washing and styling your hair takes forever and a day, so washing and styling only happen when it's absolutely necessary. I don't wash my hair every day, and neither should you, the less you wash it the healthier your hair will be. With that being said, your best friend is dry shampoo. You're on day 3 of your "clean" hair, spray some dry shampoo, and it looks like your hair has been freshly washed. So you automatically think dry shampoo is a holy grail product, but let me tell ya, IT'S NOT.

I started using dry shampoo (religiously) in January, so roughly 7 months ago. Like I said, I have curly hair, so every time I wash my hair, you'd think I was going bald because of all the hair that falls out. But right after I started using dry shampoo I noticed that my hair was falling out more than usual, I didn't think anything about it because I had just got my highlights touched up, so I thought some of my hair was damaged. WRONG.

My hair has been falling out more and more, to the point I thought something was wrong with me.

Little did I know the dry shampoo I used contains chemicals such as propane (used to heat houses or grills), butane (refrigerant, lighter fuel), isobutane (refrigerant, used in gasoline), and many more harmful CHEMICALS.

Companies are putting harmful chemicals in products that consumers use daily. It's beyond me how it's legal for companies to put these chemicals inside products that people put on their bodies.

After doing some research, there are only THREE dry shampoos on Sephora's website that doesn't contain harmful chemicals. All of these products are AT LEAST $24. How are people supposed to buy clean products when the products that contain harmful chemicals cost 3x less than the clean products?

Batiste is only $8, you can buy it at any drugstore, Walmart, Target, or Ulta. It's cheap and you receive a lot of products for your money (6.73 ounces). Here's a direct link to Ulta and the Original Batiste.

Briogeo is $24 at Sephora. You only receive 1.7 ounces for your $24. Here's a direct link to Sephora and the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo.

Both of these products are made to do the same thing, keep your hair looking fresh and clean when it's not. The only difference is that one product is cheap and harmful and the other is expensive and clean.

After doing my research, I will gladly pay the extra money. These chemicals can lead to various medical conditions such as breast cancer.

Look at the ingredients inside your products!!!

Don't just research dry shampoo ingredients, look at everything you use on your body. Companies are allowed to use harmful products, go the extra mile and keep yourself healthy.

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