Maybe Sleeping on your Problems is a Good Thing?
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Maybe Sleeping on your Problems is a Good Thing?

There are many reasons and theories to why dreams occur, many of which typically fall under the one idea that dreams are a way for a person's subconscious mind to communicate with their conscious mind.


Imagine you are driving in your car then all of a sudden, swerve off the road as you notice a dollar bill on your windshield. Waking up in a panic, you realize it was just your imagination. According to dream interpretation, the main symbol, the car, represents the amount of control you have over your life. This dream, in particular, could show the lack of control the dreamer has over their personal life due to financial issues. Everyone has dreams, and with dream interpretation, even your average Joe can learn about themselves in a fun way that can benefit their social and mental health .

"Dreams are a universal human experience that can be described as a state of consciousness characterized by sensory, cognitive and emotional occurrences during sleep." There are many reasons and theories to why dreams occur, many of which typically fall under the one idea that dreams are a way for a person's subconscious mind to communicate with their conscious mind. It might sound crazy, but dreams have the ability to tell a lot about a person's life and their unsurfaced emotions.

The first dream interpretation I had was eye-opening to my view on my relationship with my sister. A man was yelling at me through my bedroom door and banging on it screaming at me and my sister to let him in. This dream was the first nightmare I had in a while and woke me with a pounding heart and a tear rolling down my cheek. This interpretation taught me that the man was a more aggressive version of me that I show to my sister. Then I remembered that before I went to sleep I got into a big argument with my sister over a trivial subject I can't even remember today. I learned that if I don't fix or attempt to fix my relationship with my sister soon, then we will never have a positive, working relationship. This dream allowed a safe space for me to play out a stressful emotional experience in a healthy way and offered deeper insight into my feelings towards that event.

Most therapists and psychologists use dream analysis and interpretations in their sessions in order to gain a better perspective of different solutions to their patient's problems. In addition to that, the Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research shows that the psychotherapists who participated observed an estimated 70 percent of their patients obtained some personal benefit from dream analysis. Through the symbols and commonality of the dreams and their meanings, dreamers can easily interpret their own dreams. However, common symbols in dream interpretation may not always be accurate to the reader and dreams can be interpreted in many different ways; so, it is important for the dreamer to trust their instincts and recognize the meanings that connect to their lives.

Dreams are hidden messages revealed in a night's sleep. The psychological aspect of dreaming comes with the comprehensive symbols gathered from common dreams that allow the dreamer to make similar connections and interpretations based on them and their day to day lives. Meaningful analysis of a dream can aid the dreamer in their personal and social lives. Dream interpretations are helpful to those who are willing to learn more about themselves and their growth in a well mental state.

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