DePauw's Five Best Fiestas
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DePauw's Five Best Fiestas

DePauw's Five Best Fiestas

Whether you’re a recruit, or just someone who wants to stop by the greatest little school in the nation for a few beers, be sure to check out one of these stellar parties DePauw has to offer. 

For years, DePauw University, our tiny little liberal arts gem in the middle-of-nowhere Indiana, has reigned alongside Big Ten behemoths such as U.W. Madison and University of Iowa as one of the top party schools in the nation, according to the Princeton Review.  Of course, when I tell this to my friends from home, they fail to believe that my 2500 fellow DePauwtyers and I have a better time than they do at their massive state schools. Each time my answer is the same; come visit and see for yourself!  Each weekend at DePauw is consistently awesome, and there are always a number of social options. However, here is a list of the top five fiestas around campus that prove to be outrageously epic year after year: 

1. Sports Night
Where: Sigma Alpha Epsilon basement/backyard. 
What to wear: Your favorite jersey. 
Why it’s awesome: SPORTS! SAE doesn’t throw down often, but when they do, they go all out. Sports night is one of the first campus wide parties of the year, and it always draws a massive crowd of upper class party veterans and eager freshmen alike. The basement of SAE becomes a jam-packed dancehall complete with lights, lasers, and a professional DJ. However, the heart of the party is in the backyard, where rowdy boozers can challenge a friend, foe, or stranger on the inflatable jousting pit. 

2. Halloween 
Where: Phi Kappa Psi basement/ party rooms. 
What to wear: Comical and/or slightly inappropriate Halloween costume 
Why it’s awesome: Of all the Halloween parties on campus, Phi Psi takes the cake. Their Halloween blowout always rages into the early hours of the morning, as students stumble up and down the stairs between rowdy party rooms and Phi Psi’s exceptional basement. 

3. Deltmas
Where: Delta Tau Delta basement. 
What to wear: Christmas garb (ugly Christmas sweaters, Santa hats etc.) 
Why it’s awesome: What better way to kick off the holiday season than a Hamm’s Light cascading down one of the custom ice luges that Delt busts out for their Christmas banger? Be on the lookout for Big Dan in full Santa Clause outfit. He’s known to bring gifts of peppermint schnapps for all the boys and girls. 

4. St. Patty’s Day
Where: Delta Tau Delta sunken garden/ balcony
What to wear: Something green that you don’t mind getting soaked with beer
Why it’s awesome: This one’s my personal favorite. Delt’s St. Patty’s Day extravaganza starts bright and early, so grab yourself an Irish coffee and head on over for a day of beer bongs off the balcony and Irish drinking songs. 

5. Little Five
Where: Everywhere
What to wear: Frat tank and swim trunks (Delt always has a slip n’ slide)
Why it’s awesome: Little Five is DePauw students’ last chance to go all out before spring semester finals. As you might have guessed, they don’t hold anything back. Little Five is a campus wide blowout, and every fraternity has something or another going. Phi Psi and Delt hold down the premiere party slots on Friday and Saturday night, but be sure to stop by Sigma Chi for their annual Tour de Franzia and enjoy some delicious boxed wine. 

So there you have it! Whether you’re a recruit, or just someone who wants to stop by the greatest little school in the nation for a few beers, I hope to see you at one of these stellar fiestas. 

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