Down With “Down With Disney”
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Down With “Down With Disney”

You are not heroes, you are villains

Down With “Down With Disney”

In early June, it was brought to attention of the public that Kelly Marie Tran, Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Last Jedi disappeared from Social Media, allegedly the result of consistent bullying and harassment about her character in the Star Wars movie. Tran is not the first star to receive harassment for her character in Star Wars; Daisy Ridley also erased her social media presence after her outstanding portrayal of Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The two Star Wars films also received surprisingly low ratings from fans on the Rotten Tomato website, but high ratings from critics.

This is no coincidence. In fact, they are all connected, along with several other stars' online harassment over movies and low ratings of phenomenal movies such as The Avengers: Infinity War and The Black Panther. One single sabotage group has "taken credit" for the social media disappearance as well as the low ratings of these movies. "Down With Disney and It's Treatment of Franchises and Their Fanboys" is a sabotage group initiated by one man in attempt to hurt the ratings and popularity of successful franchises after their purchase by Disney Studios. The group claims that Disney "has no respect" for the "original fanboys" of these franchises and does not meet their expectations or desires when it come to releasing new movies or episodes. The group's twitter page claims that they are fans of DC comics. These DC comic fans plan on sabotaging every Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) production. One message from the page even claims

"Well I want to save Star Wars and DC comics. The only way to do that is to take down the franchises and their fanboys…"

and another:

"My wishlist for 2018: …. -No more Disney Domination in the Box Office. -The MCU slowly disintegrates their audience."

This group claims to be "heroic" and "doing justice and good" for DC comics by attempting to "take down Disney," "disintegrate MCU" and "save Star Wars from Feminist Bull***." They create bots online to lower movie success ratings so as to make it appear they were not as loved as they are. They bully stars that they do not think "belong" in the spotlight- strictly women and men of other non-white races, such as Daisy Ridley, Kelly Marie Tran and Michael B Jordan, to name a few. They are an "alt-right" group of white men fighting the social acceptance progress we have made as a whole because they do not agree with what we stand for. They intend to "take down Disney" to make DC comics more popular than the Marvel Universe and "save Star Wars" from progressive movements.

In short "Down With Disney and Their Treatment of Franchises and Their Fanboys" is a bigoted, unaccepting, racist group of men full of hatred. Their goals center around falling backwards in time, erasing equality and admiration of the various different roles women and men of other races deserve. They are no heroes, they are villains.

Instead of letting them get away with harassment and sabotage, we have to confront the problem. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the greatest franchise of our time; constantly spilling out fantastic movie after movie, featuring a variety of main characters and even other cultures. Marvel will not be brought down by some hate group, because we will not that happen. Star Wars has brought in a number of different characters recently too, producing work that not only stays true to the original storyline behind Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa's fight against Darth Vader and The Empire. Disney buying these franchises has not ruined them; but helped make them progressive and continuously amazing.

DC comics produces content that does not compare to Marvel, although making its way to progressive characters. DC reportedly joined forces with Marvel to fight against the hatred towards stars because of their character. What does this tell us about Down With Disney?

Down With Disney has their own misogynistic, racist agenda that does not actually help DC in the slightest. This cannot continue. Their facebook page was brought down after the admittance of driving Kelly Marie Tran off of social media intentionally; but Twitter posts reveal plans to re-up the page and "not stop fighting until Disney and MCU are disintegrated and Star Wars is saved." To stop this and stop the continuous hate and harassment, report the page once it is back up. Report the group. Report the Twitter page (@DownWithDisney). Do not stop filing complaints and arguments against them and their "purpose." These people are not heroes, they are villains

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