I Watched The Atrocity That Is Season 2 Of '13 Reasons Why' So You Don't Have To
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I Watched The Atrocity That Is Season 2 Of '13 Reasons Why' So You Don't Have To

When you talk about hard-hitting issues like these, that directly affect many teens and young adults today, it becomes so much more than just a TV show.

I Watched The Atrocity That Is Season 2 Of '13 Reasons Why' So You Don't Have To

I watched "13 Reasons Why" when it came out last year and I was highly disappointed in the way the show portrayed topics like suicide, rape, and bullying. I told myself that I wouldn't watch the second season but when a Netflix PSA was released I gave it a chance. Big mistake.

Here are 13 reasons why not to watch season 2:

1. Hannah's parents never got closure.

I was hoping in this season they would find something Hannah left behind for them but of course, they didn't. It doesn't make sense that someone would sit down and make 13 tapes to school kids and leave nothing for the parents.

2. It's very "Pretty Little Liars"-ish.

Throughout the entire season, someone left threats, dead rats, and horrible messages to everyone on trial (a.k.a. people in the tapes) so that they wouldn't speak out about Bryce. Unrealistic behavior.

3. Hannah in Clay's imagination.

I might be able to understand him seeing her every now and then for TV purposes, but she can talk now?

4. Zack. Dempsey.

This whole storyline was super dramatic to be in a high school setting. Apparently, he and Hannah were in love but he had to hide it from all his friends to "protect" her. He acted like having her as a girlfriend was going to get him assassinated. IT'S NOT THAT DEEP.

5. Everyone protecting Bryce.

They act like Bryce is King of the world. He's not. He's a high school senior that literally can do nothing except maybe blacken your eye a time or two (even though everyone in the show is ripped and could easily take him).

6. Where are the teachers?

Mr. Porter and the baseball coach pop their heads in every other episode but other than that it's just unsupervised students roaming the halls. That's the main reason the bullying was able to happen in the first place.

7. Chloe and Bryce.

I can understand her not testifying against him in court but you don't have to keep dating him. There is photo evidence of him sexually assaulting her and nothing is done. Her mom even knows about it and their relationship is still supported, WHAT?!

8. Random girl testifying against Hannah.

Apparently, Hannah used to be a mean girl and picked on someone at her previous school. Was it stupid of her? Yes, but Hannah is dead and that girl is still alive. What did she even get out of doing that besides ripping Hannah's mom to shreds even more? She didn't even go to Liberty.

9. Trying to make the audience feel bad for Tony.

Tony beat a guy within an inch of his life for calling him a gay slur. Should the guy have called him that? Absolutely not, but people can't go around almost killing people every time they get called a name, no matter how bad it may be.

10. Hannah's dad.

I'm not sure if it's bad acting or bad writing or a combination of both, but I'm totally unconvinced that he was deeply affected by her suicide. Also, the scene where Hannah sees him kissing another woman and he just walks away.

Um, that's your daughter... talk to her.

11. Bryce's probation.

Tell me how Bryce only got 3 months probation for raping Jessica. HOW. Honestly I can't even be surprised though, cases like this happen all the time. Looking at you Brock Turner.

12. Justin and Jessica's hook up.

WHY? Alex loves you and you're going to hook up with someone who covered up YOUR sexual assault? I get that he's genuinely sorry but she was definitely way too forgiving.

13. Clay trying to be the hero.

Tyler snapped after Monty brutally beat him (among other things) in the school bathroom. He brought an assortment of guns to the school and was about to shoot up the dance when Clay comes running out. Clay told everyone not to call the cops then proceeds to walk right in front of the gun to talk him out of it. Not only that but he helps Tyler get away.

A. You could've died.

B. You helped an almost murderer get away.

That's not how that should've played out at all.

I am all for the idea of a show like "13 Reasons Why" because these issues aren't talked about nearly enough in the media, but there are certain ways they should be approached. When you talk about hard-hitting issues like these, that directly affect many teens and young adults today, it becomes so much more than just a TV show.

Don't watch this show, just don't.

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