I Don't Support BLM Because They Don't Care About Black Lives
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I Don't Support BLM Because They Don't Care About Black Lives

BLM isn't about Black lives. It's about kickstarting a Marxist revolution.

I Don't Support BLM Because They Don't Care About Black Lives

The Black Lives Matter organization has nothing to do with Black lives.

BLM does not care about ALL Black lives – only those select few whose tragic stories fit BLM's radical, Marxist, anti-police agenda.

Blacks shot by white cops absolutely fit the bill. Black babies aborted in the womb? Black Conservatives? Retired Black police officers, such as David Dorn, who are killed by radical protesters? Not so much.

BLM's mission statement goes much further than simply taking a stand against racist police brutality. A few of BLM's goals include "destroying the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure," "freeing (themselves) from the grip of heteronormative thinking," "dismantling cisgender privilege," and "dismantling patriarchal practices." Their website frequently refers to its members as "comrades," a historically Marxist term. BLM's founders recently came out as "trained Marxists."


BLM protests, presumably in the names of the unarmed Black Americans shot by police (a grand total of 10 in all of 2019) have turned violent and destructive. Recent protests have resulted in the toppling of statues of prominent historical figures. George Washington, Robert E. Lee, General Ulysses S. Grant, even prominent abolitionist Frederick Douglass have all fallen victim to the mob. How does tearing down a statue of a Union General or an African American abolitionist protest police brutality against Black Americans?

It doesn't, of course.

The Left has never exactly been known for its sound logic and fact-based approach. These recent actions, however, seem to be a new low. Attacking the Founders of our country, great men and women who fought for the individual liberty of all Americans benefit no one. These attacks reveal the true colors of the BLM movement.

Black Lives Matter isn't interested in reform. They want to see America burn. They hate this country and everyone who founded it. Instead of making factual arguments, they simply label everything racist. Cancel culture ensures that anything deemed the dreaded r-word will be quickly annihilated. Allegations of racist police brutality are mere talking points used by BLM to push a Marxist agenda. The people looting and burning down Autozones have no idea what they are "protesting," but they'll destroy entire cities and endanger innocent lives. In the name of George Floyd!

Even BLM's more targeted approaches fail to actually help Black lives. Their narrow focus on police brutality distracts from the real struggles facing Black America. Their subsequent "Defund the Police" movement would, if implemented, devastate Black communities nationwide. When police stop policing, innocent Americans suffer. This phenomenon has been dubbed the "Ferguson effect" by Conservative commentator and attorney Heather Macdonald. Following riots in 2014 protesting the death of Michael Brown, the Ferguson Police department dramatically pulled back, reluctant to police in such hostile areas. The same happened in 2015 in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray. The results were devastating. Crime and homicide rates surged. This effect is predominantly concentrated in majority-Black areas, as it is a direct result of narrative pushing and race-baiting by BLM. On the topic, Macdonald wrote, "...the Ferguson effect is an issue almost exclusively in Black communities. It is there where the Black Lives Matter narrative about racist, homicidal cops has produced virulent hostility in the streets and where officers are reluctant to engage in the proactive enforcement that politicians and the media relentlessly denounce as racist." White cops are less likely to shoot a Black man, even when doing so is justified, due to fear that the wholly corrupt media will label them a racist. The criminal could have a gun pointed at the officer's head and it wouldn't matter. CNN would run a headline about the abhorrent racism of White policemen. How dare they stand their ground, defend themselves and fellow officers against violent criminals? Get the social workers and unarmed crisis workers out there to show the police how it's done!

If BLM were truly interested in alleviating issues facing Black America, they would not support looting, riots, and violence. They would not be advocating for the abolition of police. They would be examining the real issues at hand and brainstorming tangible, peaceful solutions. Entire cities and communities have been destroyed as a result of BLM riots. Black and minority-owned businesses have been burned to the ground. KB Balla, a firefighter and sports-bar owner in Minneapolis, was filmed weeping after rioters destroyed his restaurant and stole everything he had. Several cities, including Minneapolis and New York, have already implemented BLM's "Defund the Police" initiative. The results have been catastrophic and proof of Macdonald's theorized Ferguson effect. Shootings have increased by 277% in New York City. Several Black children have been shot dead, including a 1-year-old boy. Where is BLM's outrage over these Black lives?

It is possible and rational to care about Black lives without supporting the radical Marxism of BLM. In the PragerU video, "'Black Lives Matter'" Is Not Helping Blacks," Conservative commentator Will Witt sits down with author and Project 21 member Derryck Green. Green, a Black man himself, explains how BLM does more harm than good and fails to address real issues facing the Black community. Green cites BLM's narrow focus on police brutality, a focus contradicted by the small number of unarmed Black men actually killed by police, a number Green refers to as a "near statistical zero." Such emphasis on the comparatively small issue of police violence against Blacks distracts from more prominent issues facing the Black community. Some of those issues, according to Green, are unemployment, low marriage rates, children being had outside of marriage, poor public education, and excessive economic regulations.

Green heavily criticizes the looting and riots which characterize BLM protests. Many protests have been overrun by members of ANTIFA, a terrorist organization that claims to combat fascism. Nonetheless, Green explains how BLM has not done enough to condemn outside agitators. More Black lives have been lost from BLM riots than police shootings of unarmed Black men in all of 2019.

If looting, rioting, and abolishing the police aren't the solution, then what is? Green and other prominent Black Conservatives have answers. Conservative commentator Candace Owens preaches dismantling the victim mentality that has been pushed on Black Americans by the Left. Green advocates for fewer business regulations, making it easier for all Americans to start and run a successful business. Other Leftist policies, including exorbitant taxes, excessive gun control, poorly funded public schools, lack of school choice, and abundant welfare systems have created under-educated, under-funded, crime-ridden cities. Chicago has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the country and yet has some of the highest rates of gun violence. The city of Buffalo has some of the highest-funded schools in the state and highest taxes in the country, yet its schools consistently underperform. How can this happen? Mayor Byron Brown frequently dips into the education budget to fund his pathetic excuse of a city.

The list of failed Democratic cities goes on and on. Black communities in these cities continue to suffer while Democratic politicians watch from their ivory pedestals, posting their black squares to Instagram, vowing to be actively anti-racist, pledging that Black lives matter, all as they turn a blind eye to the plights of millions of Black Americans.

America is reaching a cultural turning point. On the Left reside the angry, blue-haired, amoral, Atheistic Marxists, advocating for the abolition of everything even remotely "American" in the name of Black lives. The Right advocates for a revival of the founding values of our country- hard work, virtue, and the principle that America is one nation under God, made equal by a perfect Creator. Thus, BLM is not truly about Black lives. It is an attempt to change the trajectory of our country for the worse. BLM aims to kickstart a Marxist revolution and implement socialist policies, policies that would do more harm than good to Black America. The erasure of history and violent riots are simply BLM's tools for revolution.

Real issues are facing Black America. Many Americans are concerned with getting to the root of these issues and solving them once and for all. BLM is not.

All Black lives matter. Just not to BLM.

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