It is about that time of year again. Juniors and seniors, maybe even some sophomores in college, feel the excitement and relief that overtakes them, or the disappointment and panic that sets in at thought of having to scramble as they receive the news about their potential internships.

Internships, what a blessing and sometimes a curse. As a requirement for most majors at the University of Cincinnati (UC), it is encouraging to know that the faculty at UC shows deep dedication to their student’s education. By requiring an internship in their selected field before being able to graduate, the experience that is gained holds valuable beyond belief. The connections that are made can open doors for students that they did not even think that could be possible. The potential job opportunities that may be offered after the internship is over can change a student’s life in the blink of an eye. And that is a blessing.

However, it is discouraging to know that the fate of a student’s graduation lies in the hands of people that they barely know. Yes, the benefits of an internship are incomparable and I like many other students thank UC faculty for their dedication to our education. But, what if a student simply cannot land an internship. That is when the disappointment, discouragement, and panic really begins to set in, and that is a curse.

It is very difficult to receive and hear the rejection of not getting an internship that you really wanted and really needed. It was only the other day that I received my rejection phone call. Hearing that I didn’t get the internship I really wanted in addition to them telling me that I was their second choice was beyond painful. Yes I was disappointed, discouraged, and I started to panic knowing that I was going to have to figure something out within the upcoming months. However, I then stopped and realized that all of the worry and stress I was putting on myself was really for nothing because it simply was not God’s plan for me.

There are often times where we become so overwhelmed by our negative feelings in the moment of a situation that we forget that the reason that it didn’t work out was because it was not God’s intent for us. God has a plan and a path for every person that he helped create and there is no point in wasting energy on things that are outside of our control like internships.

I realize this concept can be difficult to accept and understand when you are just starting out on your religious journey, and that is okay. But as time goes on and God continues to reveal himself to you in different ways it will become easier to realize, accept, and understand how he is working in your life. I also realize that if you do not believe in God this concept sounds completely crazy, yet it may be something that you want to think about.

Right now if you struggling with an internship rejection simply try to relax. Take a breath and take the time to reflect and realize that you are putting unnecessary negativity in your life. If you are celebrating an internship acceptation, congratulations and God has an amazing plan for you. Regardless, please try and realize that God has a plan and a path for you and it is Him working in your life to better your life in the future.