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Don't Shop, Rescue and Adopt!

Rescue and Adopt a pet, you will never regret it

Don't Shop, Rescue and Adopt!
Photo by Ashley Perez

On March 17, 2015, I was coming back from school when my mom and I stumbled upon two puppies on the street in front of our house. Trying to rescue both, we were only able to get one because the other ran off. Although we were able to rescue one of the two pups, we were not 100% sure what to do with the little fella because we already had a lot of dogs at the time. That weekend, we drove to San Diego to visit my brother and his wife to see if they wanted to adopt him, but at the end of the discussion - I already had an attachment with the 8 week old pup. Later on, I decided to name him Milo after the main character in the movie Atlantis. When I decided to official make him mine, it was the best decision I ever made because he has brought me so much happiness and love just being my companion for the best three years.

Now, here are 5 reasons on why YOU should RESCUE and ADOPT!

It will cost you LESS

If you go to your local shelter and tell them you are interested in adopting an animal - they will give you the adoption rates, which are usually lower than $150 which includes vaccinations, neutering/spayed, and microchipping. Depending on the animal you are adopting, you can potentially be saving on housebreaking and training expenses because thanks to the volunteers and workers of the shelter, they will know the basic commands and housebreaking.

A way of fighting against puppy mills

Puppy Mills are a type of factory style breeding facilities that put profit above the welfare of the dogs they have. Animals that come from puppy mills are usually housed in shockingly poor conditions with improper medical care and are often very sick along with being very troubled as a result. By adopting a pet from any nearby shelter, you can be most certain you aren't giving them (the puppy mills) a dime. There are so many people that have bought their animals from places like puppy mills without even knowing.

If you adopt, you get your choice of any age.

Despite the fact that puppies and kittens are extremely cute, they are also a handful. Adopting an adult or older pet may be a bit better for anyone especially a new pet owner because they may know a bit more basic commands thanks to the shelter. Something to think about when considering any age to adopt is the idea of any potential health issues. Not many people would want to take in a rescue with health problems, but those who do are giving the animal an opportunity to live a great life until their time comes if their health issues are terminal.

You are getting more for your money if you get a mixed breed

A mixed breed animal is likely to live longer and cost less in vet bills compared to a pure breed. Many dog owners that have purebred dogs are prone to developing health problems ranging from breathing difficulties to hip dysplasia to an enlarged heart. Mix breed dogs are usually more active as well and if a rescue, they tend to be sometimes easier to train when they are older.

You get just as much love (if not more)

Milo and I at Manhattan Beach

An adopted pet is every bit as loving, intelligent, and loyal as purchased pets. When you adopt a rescue, you possibly even get triple the amount of love, loyalty, and intelligence. In all honesty, my dog is my best friend and companion. He smothers me with kisses all the time, always wanting to get scratches, and always wanting to be near me when I come home from being away for a long time. Its something that is absolutely rewarding and makes me think about the day I rescued him and how happy it has made me feel since then.

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