Recently, I wrote about people advising me against my desire to not have children, see here. I then came to realize this happened in almost every aspect of my life. People love to tell me how they would live my life if they could. When I worked in retail, customers loved to ask what I was going to do with my life. Instead of just listening and saying that it's great, they wanted to tell me how they would do everything differently.

I want to go to medical school and help people one day. There are thousands of doctors out there and thousands of medical school students, but for some reason, everyone feels the need to tell me how hard it is. Yes, it's hard, but isn't that a good thing? Don't you want your doctor to have done years of work and training? Even people who have never even thought about going to medical school have an opinion on my choice, yet it won't change my mind.

At 18, I quit playing softball, which I had done my whole life, for my own personal reasons. To this day when people find out I used to play a sport, they tell me how they would've gone pro and played as long as possible. If they think I should've, then they should've done it for themselves.

Everyone feels the need to speak on other peoples' lives but they shouldn't. We're growing into a society that loves to watch families on T.V. and live-Tweet our opinions, but is that always the right thing? Should we feel so comfortable that we say whatever we want to whoever we want?

It's rude to just judge people or tell them how they should live their life - it won't influence me anymore.