You Don't Need The Gym To Stay In Shape
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You Don't Need The Gym To Stay In Shape

How to ward off unwanted weight in college.

You Don't Need The Gym To Stay In Shape

As a college sophomore, I can tell you from experience that the freshman 15 is so real. You get caught up trying to manage all the school work with social events and still leaving time to get a decent night's sleep. I've taken the time to compile a list of simple actions you can take during the school year that don't necessarily involve visiting the gym.

Set your alarm 10 minutes late.

For those of you who hate running, this is a sure-fire way to get your cardio in without even thinking about it! Giving yourself an insufficient amount of time to get ready will pump your heart rate up with the stress alone, not to mention you will have to at least power walk to get to class on time. Don't forget to pump those arms.

Take the stairs two at a time.

Forget the stair machine at the gym and go workout the old fashioned way. We all know opting for the stairs instead of the elevator is an easy choice to sneak some fitness into your daily routine, but really push yourself here and take two stairs in each single step. This may be a no-brainer for some of you fitness enthusiasts; the stairs are always part of a good workout. Taking them two at a time engages your leg muscles in a lunge position toning the hamstrings, quads, and (most importantly) the glutes.

Dance at any (and every) possible moment.

Who doesn't love to break it down and boogie? Dancing is great cardio that doesn't provide you with homicidal thoughts. Make a groovy playlist and play it when you're getting ready for class or a night out. If your music choice is good enough it'll take more effort to stand still than it will to get jiggy with it. If you're feeling bold enough, try dancing at parties. People may join in or just stare at you but either way you're the one burning calories on the dance floor, so you're the real winner.

Don't run on the treadmill.

If you are one of the brave, few athletic souls and insist on doing cardio to stay in shape, I highly suggest you stay away from the treadmill. Explore your campus and go on a run outside instead. Not only is the view better, but you are forced to run a certain distance; you can't just stop whenever you feel like it. Challenge: run somewhere you don't know too well; if you get lost it's an easy way to add extra distance to your run.

One extra tip: don't eat apple crisp every Friday for lunch.

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