Don't Judge All Greek Life By The Mistakes Of A Few Greek Organizations

It feels like there's always something about Greek organizations in the headlines, whether it be about hazing, some organization getting kicked off, or some crazy party where someone jumped off a balcony and broke their leg.

However, there are never any headlines about all the positive aspects of Greek life. There are so many great things that are never talked about: the philanthropic aspects, the bonds that are made, the connections that can be achieved through alumni networks, etc. There are SO many positive takeaways from Greek life that never get discussed.

First of all, the bonds you make with your brothers or sisters is a HUGE part of Greek life. I've met some of my best friends through Greek life, and it makes you feel more connected on your college campus. I love my sorority because it's a good balance between social and academic, and there's always a sister willing to help you out. Everyone brings a diverse set of characteristics, experiences, and skills, and while not everyone will be best friends, everyone is willing to help you out and be there for you if they're able.

Additionally, there are so many great connections that can be made through Greek life. I've met the national president of my organization, and that's not something everyone can say. There's also a huge alumni network from people who were previously active in a sorority or fraternity on campus, and it's a talking point in interviews if your interviewer was also in Greek life.

Greek life is also great because you can meet all different types of people. By interacting with different sororities and fraternities, it's a great way to improve your interpersonal communication skills, and you never know who you may meet that could become a best friend. It also prepares you to talk to employers at networking receptions and other similar events because you're used to talking to people your own age, and while the context may be different, you're comfortable with talking to people you don't know.

Greek organizations raise millions of dollars annually for all kinds of different organizations: Autism Speaks, St. Jude's Hospital, Children's Miracle Network, etc. There's so much good that comes out of fundraising, and it's fun to volunteer for something bigger than yourself with your sorority or fraternity.

While some organizations do make mistakes, and these events are normally what we hear about, the mistakes of one organization shouldn't reflect badly on ALL members in that organization or all Greek life. There should definitely be a shift of priorities, but overall, most Greek organizations are fantastic and do a lot of good on campuses nationwide.

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