This social, technological world we live in warrants constant use of comparison. Social media makes it seem effortless to not only post the good, better, and best of our lives, but also to see the front that others put up to hide behind. Hence, comparison. Some might be smart enough to realize this day's comparison isn't a comparison of truths, but a comparison of cover-ups. Society collectively paints on their faces and put their best foot forward when posing for that Insta-worthy pic.

On the internet, you can be anyone. So, why not be the hottest, most popular, and envied person you can be?

I'm not necessarily interested in making my life pretty, but I used to be all about looking at other people's pretty life. And I realized that I was so entranced, so engaged, so wrapped up in watching other people have the "perfect life." I was too busy watching them, that I was holding back on me. By watching others, I wasn't focusing on bettering myself. How am I to have a man chase me when I'm not the exact woman he needs to chase? God doesn't just make you single for years and years for nothing. He's doing it to make you the exact woman your husband needs when he finds you. And then I realized my time just hasn't come yet.

God's plan is perfect. His will be done, always. He works for our good and His glory. He won't give us *this* until we're ready. Sometimes, He'll make us work for it. Sometimes, we think we're ready, but we're really not. Then, once we are ready, and He gives us *that*. Then, we can look back and go, "Oh, I guess I wasn't ready then. Thanks for waiting, God."

I believe God has a sense of humor. He likes using irony in our lives. I think it secretly gives Him joy to watch us chase our own tail for a little bit until we figure it out and find the bone. I'm not sure if I've found the bone yet exactly, but I smell it at least. I'm heading in the right direction. Tomorrow, I'll wake up and work on me. I'll listen to God when He shows me lessons to learn. That way, I can be the exact person He needs me to be, at the exact time He needs me to be that person. I'll stop watching the, typically, misleading lives others lead on, and start living my own, genuine life. I pray that I get so wrapped up in that good life that I lose sight of the primarily superficial feed and stop comparing myself.