Teachers really do shape the future of the world because they shape the kids who will be responsible for the future. They're important. Up until age 18, most of kids' lives are centered around school. So please, if you don't like kids, don't become a teacher.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard teachers say "I don't like kids". Of course, this was said in a jokingly manner. But it got me thinking about how many teachers I've had that really didn't like kids.

It is so easy to tell the difference between teachers who love their job and those who don't. Like many other students, my grades not only depend on my study habits but how well I'm taught the material. If I sense that a teacher doesn't like students and has negative energy, then I'm more likely to perform badly in class.

For all of elementary school and most of middle, I've always thought I was pretty bad at math. It wasn't my strongest subject. However, in the last year of middle school, I had an amazing math teacher who made the class challenging yet enjoyable. I did really well in it. It made me realize that the way you are taught is so important.

Grades are dependent on the individual student. You have to put in the study hours and ask for help when you need it. However, grades are also dependent on the teacher. The teacher needs to be passionate about the job. If they're passionate, it's naturally going to make me passionate. With every wonderful teacher I've had, my grades were always superb in that class. With teachers who were more negative and less than willing to help, I struggled more.

You need to have a genuine passion for kids if you want to be a teacher. You have to enjoy being around them and helping them. If the thought of having a job that deals with kids makes you cringe, then just don't become a teacher. If you are wanting to become one just because of the vacation time, job benefits, and salary then please reconsider.

Teachers play such a crucial role in the younger generation's lives. The world needs passionate teachers who enjoy their job, not teachers who make class harder than it should be.