Types of Girls: Aesthetics Pt. 2
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Types of Girls: Aesthetics Pt. 2

More aesthetics for the aesthetic loving folk


Greek Goddesses

Aphrodite: pretty hands, neat notes, small handwriting, soft lips, poetry, mom jeans, perfect eyebrows, roses, flirty, soothing voice, the scent of vanilla, gardening, plays the ukulele, strawberries, the color red, rosy cheeks

Artemis: pretty hair, animal lovers, cottage in the woods, hunting, loves small plants, believes in mythology, forest witches, wants the best for nature, wolves, competitive, archery, moonlight, vintage t-shirts, stargazing, sharp features

Hera: old souls, hot tea, fashionable, wants to travel, oversized sweaters, high ponytails, very loving, intelligent, coffee shops, old libraries, bookshelves, tiny houses, genuine smiles, passionate, photography, starry skies, bookworms

Persephone: bruised knees, very kind, misunderstood, very artistic, black coffee, believes in fate, midnight hours, astrology, leather jackets, red lips, thorns, springtime, writing stories, procrastinating, messy but lovable

Types of people: Random

moon- candid photos. listening to songs under a blanket. scented candles. the glow of city lights past midnight. picking a wildflower for yourself.

flower- blushing from smiling too much. a bouquet of roses from a lover. a wish on a fallen eyelash. love letters. giving your whole heart to someone. birds singing in the morning.

song- blowing a kiss to the stars. potted plants and stacks of filled notebooks. old magazines. walking down a street in paris. sketching a stranger on the train. silhouettes at 5pm.

sunset- messy scribbles on polaroids. memories tinted with gold. 80s music. a road trip with your best friends. cold soda in the dappled shade. a shell from a beach five summers ago.

cloud- a million daydreams. the comforting scent of old books. fresh sheets after a bath. fairy lights and fluffy cushions. cookies and milk. laughing with someone and being unable to stop.

mist- watching a small raindrop roll down the window. putting on earphones in a bus. staring at the ceiling and thinking about nothing. music from a time you'd rather forget.

Types of people as times

9am: Wide smiles. Shades of pink. Leather jackets. Pretty handwriting. Scared but determined to get through. Suppressing giggles. Trusting and worthy of trust. Flower crowns. Just wants to have a good time.

10am: Big hugs. Days at the fair. Laughing at their own jokes. Blasting pop and country songs with the windows down. Trendy. Polaroids. Falls in love easily. Bonding over music. Fires lit on rainy days. Good homemade food.

1pm: Bold colors. Exchanging knowing looks. Sunshine at noon. Lifelong friendship warranty. FaceTime at one in the morning. Big hoodies. "What ifs." Helps people without knowing it. Old pop songs playing loudly.

9pm: Overthinks everything. Doodles on their arm. Unmade beds. Pink lemonade. Heart that beats too fast. Warm nights. A million fandoms. Neon lights. Wants to change the world but doesn't know how.

12am: Loud guitar solos. Contagious laughter. Collecting seashells. Knows exactly what they want but not how to get there. Dark clothing. Swearing in foreign languages. Earbuds in. Amazingly talented but doesn't think it's useful.

3am: Soft glances. Fairy lights and summer nights. Feels too much but hides it. Moves like they have all the time in the world. Stealing your pillow. Pastels and plants. Nocturnal. Has big plans for their life.

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