To The Girl Who Is Finally Determined To Lose The Freshman 15, It Will Happen For You
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To The Girl Who Is Finally Determined To Lose The Freshman 15, It Will Happen For You

Life is to short to be miserable.

To The Girl Who Is Finally Determined To Lose The Freshman 15, It Will Happen For You

A few months ago I wrote an article about gaining more than the freshman 15.

In the article, I talk about my struggle with weight gain and the effect this had on my mental state. In that article, I stated that I had to love myself enough to try to get healthier. I thought I was determined to lose weight when I wrote that article but turns out I had to hate myself a little bit longer before I actually made a change.

I got to the point where I was absolutely disgusted and depressed and cried all the time.

I didn't think it could get worse until I got to that point. I decided to seek medical help and this was a great decision. My doctor prescribed me an appetite suppressant and told me to follow a clean diet and stay away from carbs as much as possible. Carbs are my absolute weakness, so I decided to keep myself from feeling like I couldn't eat anything I like that I would start drinking protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and then having a healthy portion of things I would normally eat for dinner. So instead of not eating the pasta at all, I would just eat half of what I used to eat.

When I left that doctors office I was determined to make a change in my life.

Since that first appointment 2 months ago I have lost 27 pounds.

Clothes that I have not worn in a long time are starting to fit. I can see a difference in my body. I am not where I want to be and still have a long journey ahead of me but I am making progress and it is awesome! My whole outlook has changed. I no longer view food as comfort but as fuel. My new game plan is to start cutting out carbs because I know I won't feel deprived. I will feel accomplished. It's mind over matter and it's self-love.

My point is don't continue to be miserable.

If a trip to your doctor is what it takes then by all means go. Life's to short to feel miserable in your own skin so make the change. Set a goal and put every ounce of effort you have into achieving that goal. It will get easier, just keep going.

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