Taylor Swift's "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" Album Review Pt. Two
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Taylor Swift's "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" Album Review Pt. Two

Tracks 14-26 of Taylor's rerecord of "Fearless". This has been a long journey, but it was well worth it.

Taylor Swift's "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" Album Review Pt. Two

13. "Change"

This song is really encouraging. A good message delivered in a really upbeat way. This song reminds me of a song that would be in a Disney movie soundtrack.

14. "Jump Then Fall"

The warm feelings of the beginnings of a relationship are so fun. This is such an innocent song that makes me want to smile.

15. "Untouchable"

Her voice is so gorgeous.This song really show cases that. It's such a delicate song that makes you want to fall in love. It is such a timeless love song.

16.​ " Forever And Always (Piano Version)"

this is a stripped down version that makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry. I love this version, great idea to give a version for multiple moods. Makes the song itself more applicable to more stages of the breakup.

17. "Come In With The Rain"

Longing for that particular person is tough. This song verbalizes the hope that a particular person comes back for you. A really vulnerable song that is easy to relate to. She knows they won't, but she hopes they will come back to her.

18. "Superstar"

I like the transition of the album. The first half is more of the upbeat and happy songs, then when you get to the second half, it's more slow and vulnerable songs. This song fits really perfectly within the album and is placed really well. Managing a long distance relationship is hard, but still possible. She expresses how hard loving on the road can be.

19. "The Other Side of The Door"

Sometimes you don't want to necessarily break up, or lose a relationship, you just want the other person to try a little harder. Re-listening to this album makes you realize how much feelings are universal. When you can consistently relate to the feelings of a huge pop star, it makes them seem more human.

20. "Today Was A Fairytale"

The underlying storybook feel of this album is so cool. The entire album paints a really cool picture of how relationships and life is. This song is a really cute love song that talks about how she feels when around a certain person. She gets butterflies and feels an overwhelming sense of happiness.

21. "You All Over Me" ft. Marren Morris

The first song from the vault and it set a high bar for the rest of them. It talks about how when you fall in love with someone after a heart break you are still never really leaving that heart break behind. Every relationship we encounter comes with us to the next encounter. They pile up, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them. The composition of this song was just as beautiful as Taylor's and Marren's voices together.

22. "Mr. Perfectly Fine"​

We all know that one person that never seems to pay for the kind of person they are. They are awful, but come out of everything unscathed. It's so infuriating. This song is fun, but also tells the story of an encounter with a guy like this who moved on so quickly from the relationship, with no heart break, while she is crushed.

23. "We Were Happy"

This song gives off the same feel as "White Horse". It reminisces on how happy they were in the relationship, before it turned south. How naive they were when they thought everything would be perfect. She then fell out of love and had to ruin the happiness. This song is so beautiful. The lyrics, composition, and vocals are just so well constructed.

24. "That's When" ft. Keith Urban

This duet is a really cute love song. It is delicate and flows so nicely. Their voices together mesh so well. The things described in the song are the little things you realize make you love a person. The small details make you fall deeper and deeper in love.

25. "Don't You"

This is probably one of my favorite from the vault songs. It does such a good job at explaining how hard it is to leave that particular person who knows they still have a part of your heart. People can use that power against you and it sucks. This song is so vulnerable and depicts the situation so well.

26. "Bye Bye Baby"

The moment you know you need to leave a relationship is hard. This song is about how hard it is to leave something you know was good at one point. It is really well written, which is a trend with with Taylor. I really enjoy how the composition doesn't make this a sad song necessarily, it is more upbeat so it doesn't make it feel like a sad breakup song.

Make sure to check out pt.1!

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