2021 Recap: Top 5 New Found Artists
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2021 Recap: Top 5 New Found Artists

My favorites of the new artists I discovered in 2021

2021 Recap: Top 5 New Found Artists

1. mazie

The talent that radiates from her is insane. I was introduced to her more recently due to her being one of the openers for COIN. The energy she brought to the stage was insane and her lyrics were very catchy and matched her stage presence perfectly. I am obsessed with her style as well as the personality that she exhibits in her art.

2. Pool Toys

To take from their Spotify, this band is "A pop band for sad people." Whoever created this description truly encapsulated this musical talent. Their melodic, airy sound mixed with the emotional lyrics makes for great songs to listen to when you're crying. The way they construct their music is just very beautiful and therapeutic.

3. ​Tayla Parx

I first came across Tayla due to her collab with Khalid, who I'm obsessed with, but now then I started listening to her other work. Aside from her fantastic songwriting, for herself and for numerous others, She has a beautiful voice. The individuality that radiates off of her is insane and attracts people of all kinds. The way she dresses, sings, and carries herself overall is so captivating. She's an actual powerhouse.

4. Wanderwild

Along with mazie, this was also an opener for COIN. This band was so fun! For being the first thing I heard when walking into the venue, they had my attention very quickly, which held true for the rest of the audience. They have been on my mind ever since, so I highly recommend giving them a listen.

5. Ryan Mack ​

Ryan's songs are entertaining and upbeat and have lyrics that pack a punch. His songs, very easy to listen to, contain a truly relatable tone. He embodies what his music sounds like, very fun, energetic, and catchy but also very vulnerable and accessible. He has a similar sound to Role Model or even Tai Verdes. Overall, I definitely recommend giving him a listen!

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