Donald Isn't the Problem
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America's Problem Isn't Trump. It's The Division Between Political Parties And The Media

It's time to leave political alliances aside and shift to a truly intellectual approach to politics.


America isn't doing so hot right now. The parties are shifting too quickly, and America had better open its eyes and realize that this isn't going to fly for too long.

What really scares me is that ever since the further right (I use the term further right because, in my eyes, moderates shouldn't be using Bible quotes to justify national actions), took massive control of the Republican Party in 2012, the left hasn't handled the shift too well.

Neither has the media, which is more broken than ever before. That's incredibly problematic because we're under an administration whose attorney general recently quoted a religious text to justify national level action. And we have a president who looked into whether or not he can pardon himself.

As a result of this insanity, anger has spread across the Democratic party. It's shifting too left, too fast. It's fighting fire with fire, rather than focusing on shifting the political vote to one that's more moderate, negotiable and fact-orientated — regardless of whether it's owned by Republicans or Democrats.

The left is now beginning to shift further and further to the left, to an eye-opening extent — with college students hating on professors whose views don't align with theirs, regardless of logic. The left is developing a major intolerance toward those who align with a conservative viewpoint, without giving them the opportunity to speak or having an open debate.

And for the record, those behaviors were also seen during the rise of the most vocal of the further right — denying facts (shutting down debate), resorting to personal attacks and dislike of those on the left.

Then there's the media. Fox News has Sean Hannity spurting conspiracies like Alex Jones, while CNN runs around reporting complaints of Sarah Huckabee Sanders' removal from a restaurant. Some channels even decide to turn climate change into a DEBATE — even though there is only one right answer. All of this for some damn views.

It's time that the left and right of America shut up and look at what they've done. When the left gets angry, so does the right. A few days later, we see Jeff Sessions quoting a Bible. Then the left tries to intimidate Donald Trump with the results of FBI investigations. He begins to look into whether or not he can pardon himself.

It's scary to see our administration performing any of these actions. So maybe, we should focus on preventing it from continuing with these types of actions.

Right now isn't the time to work toward a political agenda that's far too extreme to work out in America.

Voting and fighting in a fire-for-fire tactic just make things worse. To prevent the destruction of both parties, it's time to leave political alliances aside and to shift to a truly intellectual approach to politics — one that preserves the equality of all people and is propelled by credible facts and strong philosophical arguments.

The rights of free speech, expression and choice shouldn't be infringed upon. Draw the line between humanity, refuge, safety and illegal immigration. Define what the purpose of this country truly is.

The political media shouldn't be funded by major corporations that benefit from political allegiances, small stories and clickbait headlines.

All of this can be fixed. Be open to all views, as long as they have a decent backing. And listen to arguments until you can find the right answer — because in many cases, there is a right answer. We just need to find it.

Going to extremes won't help us get there.

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