In my opinion, dogs are too pure for this world. While dogs should be appreciated every day, August 26 is Dog Appreciation Day so be sure to show all the dogs in your life some extra love that day. Take them for a walk, play fetch, and give them a big hug and a treat to celebrate.

As a college student, one of the saddest moments every August is saying goodbye to my dog. One of the 'ruff' parts of college is not coming home every day to kisses and a wagging tail. So if you cannot celebrate Dog Appreciation Day in person or are just missing seeing your dog every day, consider following dog accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Why follow dogs? They will make you smile. When dogs do cute or silly things that make you smile, this triggers neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine to increase, which are linked with calmness and happiness.

So here are some good boys (and girls!) that you can follow that will help you miss your dog less and be sure to brighten your social media to keep you smiling even as the semester gets harder:

1. WeRateDogs

WeRateDogs is a Twitter account that rates dog photos submitted. 15/10 would follow on Twitter and would pet all the dogs.

2. Thoughts of Dog

Every wonder what your dog is thinking? Thoughts of Dog knows and reminds you through tweets of how pure and unconditionally loving dogs are.

3. Doug the Pug

Doug is a pug who goes on adventures and shares thoughts that every college student can relate to. You can find Doug on both Twitter and Instagram!

4. The Dogist

The Dogist is an Instagram account similar to the Humans of New York that shares photos of dogs and some of their stories that will be sure to make you smile!

5. Agador

Agador is the pooch of NYC and known as the "Bob Ross of dogs" with his signature hairdo. Agador is so stylish and even considered to have "more lewks than Carrie Bradshaw."

6. Marnie the Dog

Marnie the Shih Tzu's smile will be sure to make you smile. How can you not love that adorable face? Find her on both Twitter and Instagram.

7. Mississippi Golden Gurls

RowanOak, Remi, and Idgie Ruth are Golden Retriever sisters with pure hearts of gold. This account is sure to brighten your day with the gurls in cute outfits. Stay golden, gurls!


These dogs provide the best, high quality solutions to all of life's problems and questions.

10. Cumlord 

Don't be fooled, although often mistaken for a large toasted marshmallow Cumlord is an awkward dog on a mission to steal your food.

11. Tuna

While you might expect a tuna fish, Tuna is a cute dog that will melt your heart with his big, toothy smile.

12. Menswear Dog

Bodhi is known as 'the most stylish dog in the world'. Follow him on both Instagram and Twitter for style inspo!

13. Dogs in Food

Although not purely about dogs, this Instagram account will make you laugh as it creatively incorporates photos of dogs into photos of food.

I hope these dog accounts will make your school year less ruff and make you bark with laughter!