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Dogs Were Nicknamed 'Man's Best Friend' For A Very Good Reason

Not only do we need them, but they need us, too.


Aside from seeing my Memaw, my most favorite part about coming home is how excited my dogs always are to see me. I can't remember a time that I've ever walked through the door and haven't been greeted by their excited yelps and (what I assume to be) smiling faces.

I had a boy at school today tell me about how much he hates dogs, and how he just didn't understand the hype. Being a proud dog owner for as long as I can remember: I felt sorry for the boy who has obviously never known the love of a dog.

Dogs were nicknamed "man's best friend" for a number of reasons. One reason being the company that they provide. I have never felt alone whenever a dog is present. If your dogs are anything like mine then they crave contact just as much as you do. I've got a constant cuddle buddy and shoulder to cry on, and because of that, I have never felt by myself.

Also, not to sound crazy, but they're the greatest listeners. I like to talk, a lot, and sometimes I just find myself in a conversation with well, myself. Right, when I start to feel silly for talking out loud I look over at my dog, who is constantly by my side, and am assured that I have a listening ear. Whenever my dog hears the sounds of my voice his ears raise and he makes eye contact just like he understands exactly what I'm saying. Of course, I know he doesn't, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Friendships should always be 50/50, but it's life, and sometimes we get busy and distracted. A lot of times we're slacking in one relationship or giving too much in another before we even realize it. We're all guilty of being in these situations, but it's kind of nice to think that this is one friendship that you know for sure is 50/50. Before you think you're relying too much on the companionship of your dog you'll just have to remind yourself that they need us just as much as we need them.

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Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds

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3. Puggles

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4. Lakeland Terrier Puppies

Seriously though, how could you choose just one?

5. Bolognese Puppies

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6. Golden Retriever

Just imagine these little paws running around the house in a bowtie or jumping on your legs after you come home from a long day.

7. Shar Pei Puppies

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8. Pug Puppies

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9. Poochon

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10. Teddy Bear Pomeranian

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Cover Image Credit: My Sweet Puppy

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To Whoever Adopts The Dog I Had To Give Up

To whom it may concern...


I begged and begged to get that beautiful dog. The moment I laid my eyes on her I gasped from how cute and beautiful she was. She was so sweet to my parents and I that we took her home with us that same day. I truly fell in love with her instantly. She slept right in my bed with me that first night and I could tell I was getting attached very quickly. That is what makes this hurt the most.

Stevie, or whatever your name may be in the future, just know that I loved every single second spent with you. I know our time together was so short, but that small amount of time made a wonderful impact on me. Those big beautiful brown eyes warmed by heart so much. Even though you woke me up early to go to the bathroom, I didn't care. That just meant more time we could spend together. I am sorry that I was not able to provide you the life you deserved. It's not your fault that you're the way you are in certain situations. You are a perfect dog and I want you to know that and I want you to know that you will always have a special place in my heart.

The lucky person who gets to have that beautiful girl in their life, whoever you are I am so happy you're doing what you're doing. We had done everything we could manage, but our community was just not right for her. I hope wherever you are you have amazing neighbors like we did that are supportive of everything that happens. If you don't, that's okay because that means Stevie ended up at an even better place. Somewhere she can run around at without a leash and doesn't have other dogs interfering with her territory. I was devastated to let her go. I didn't want to, but it was becoming the only option. I cried a lot, but Stevie doesn't deserve to be in stressful situations like she was when I had her.

I just want to thank you for taking her in. Thank you for caring for her and hopefully giving her the amazing life that she deserves. She is a spunky little girl, but she is as sweet as can be. Tell her that I love her and miss her.

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