20 thoughts Your Dog Probably Has On a Daily Basis
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20 thoughts Your Dog Probably Has On a Daily Basis

To-do list: Sleep, eat, cuddle, eat some more.

golden doodle dog
Mara Hashuga

Everyday I hang out with my dog. We play with his toys, I give him his favorite foods, and I definitely annoy him enough.

A few days ago, I sat and wondered: what is he thinking about? This gave me an idea. Why don't I take a moment and put myself into my dog's mind?

So that is exactly what I am about to do. Here are 20 thoughts that probably cross through your dog's mind on a daily basis.

1. Really? You ate that whole meal and couldn't share one bite with me?

Mara Hashuga

Okay, so I guess my dog is a bit spoiled, but every once in a while I eat something that he can't have and I can tell that me not sharing with him hurts his feelings, even if it is chocolate!

2. Is it really necessary to dress me up like this?

Mara Hashuga

This might be sort of my fault. It probably is really annoying to have someone constantly trying to put costumes on you, but in my defense, he does look absolutely adorable with a lion mane on his head.

3. Can you all please just shut up!

Mara Hashuga

My family is loud. We talk loudly, my brothers yell at their video games, and we argue at times. It's my poor dog that has to put up with this, which is probably a little annoying.

4. Can you leave me alone?

Mara Hashuga

From taking pictures of him to send as snap streaks, to just making him cuddle with me on the couch, my dog deals with a lot of affection from me, which I guess he gets somewhat sick of.

5. Can I go with you guys?

Mara Hashuga

I love taking my dog to my grandparents' house to swim, but we can't always do this. Some days he has to just sit at home in the air conditioning watching his favorite T.V. shows, (Oh the horror!) but once we're gone I'm 99 percent sure he enjoys his peace and quiet.

6. I love my squeaky toy!

Mara Hashuga

Oh, the ball, what would he do without his ball? Probably go up in my attic and find something else to chew up or play with, which is exactly what he did with the toy he is cuddling in this picture!

7. Whatcha doing? Whatcha doing? Whatcha doing?

Mara Hashuga

When he wants to play, he's very in your face about it, and does not care what you were previously doing. Writing an essay? I don't care, throw my ball. Reading a book? I don't care, throw my ball. Trying to write your weekly article? I don't care, throw my ball. It's safe to say he's sort of self-centered.

8. Wow. I love your fake nails

Mara Hashuga

What can I say? I keep my nails short, but when it is time for prom or a fancy occasion, I splurge a bit and get my nails done. Let's just say this isn't spoiling myself, it's spoiling my dog! This just makes those belly scratches even better!

9.I'm basically a human

Mara Hashuga

He eats human food. He sits on the couch like a little person. Snapchat filters work on his face. So, yeah, I think it's safe to call him my baby.

10. You had the nerve to leave the house and not bring me back ice cream?

Mara Hashuga

This one is my fault. I have him trained to think that when I get food somewhere, he gets food somewhere. This usually means if I'm out I grab him a little doggy dish on the way home.

11. Wow. My humans must hate me based on this stupid haircut they made me get

Mara Hashuga

What can I say? Cockapoos have fast growing hair! If we don't cut him short he'll have fur in his eyes again in a week!

12. Do I wanna go bub-byes? Of course I wanna go bub-byes!

Mara Hashuga

I'm guilty of using this question to get my dog to follow me, but when we do take him somewhere, this is how you get him excited!

13. This is actually my bed. I just let you sleep in it with me

Mara Hashuga

My dog definitely stands his ground when it comes to this one. He lays in my bed like he owns it. Sprawls out, says who is and isn't allowed in my room. It's crazy, he really runs the place!

14. How dumb do you think I am?

Mara Hashuga

I mentioned before that he likes his squeaky ball. He also likes to play fetch with it, but is not stupid. He can spot a fake throw from a mile away.

15. No, I do not want to be held captive in your room for three hours

Mara Hashuga

I'm guilty of making him stay with me, I'll admit to that, but sorry not sorry, he's my buddy and I'm gonna make him hang out with me, even if that mens him laying on my floor next to the door hoping someone will open it for him!

16. Do you have to talk to me in that baby voice?

Mara Hashuga

Sure, he's actually about 60 in dog years, but do you think that's going to stop me from talking to him like he's a little puppy? No. The answer is no.

17. Do we really have to go to the vet?

Mara Hashuga

I said he likes going bub-byes, but he's crazy smart and can sense when we are taking a trip to the vet. This is one "bub-bye" trip that he does not get excited about.

18. I wonder what would happen if I jumped up and ate everyone's food right now?

Mara Hashuga

There is no doubt in my mind that my dog thinks this sometimes. The way he looks up at us all eating dinner, he is definitely conjuring up some scheme in his head, but then thinks better of it, because right at that moment that he's about to do it, one of us drop something on the floor and he's satisfied for the time being.

19. I will find you, and I will give you a slobbery, wet kiss!

Mara Hashuga

I swear, it doesn't matter what I do to stop him, when he wants to give me a kiss, my dog will tackle me and make sure to plant one right in the middle of my forehead!

20. I freaking love my perfect humans!

Mara Hashuga

Dogs are loving, compassionate creatures that we humans have been blessed with having in our lives. They truly see their humans as perfect individuals who can do no wrong. They love us about a million times as much as we love them, which may seem impossible, but to them, we are their whole world!

Despite the annoyance we bring to him on a daily basis, our dog wouldn't know what to do without us. We laugh, we cuddle, we play, and we just have fun. He genuinely loves us and knows how much we love him, too. We'd be lost without each other and I know my furry friend feels the exact same way.

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