In April, my life added a little addition that has made a huge impact on my life in that short time. My mother FaceTimed me one day and she was playing with a puppy. My heart soared. I knew that we were in the market for a puppy to bring to school with me to have an emotional support animal, in light of my issues recently with anxiety. However, I was not aware that this particular day was going to be the day that we actually got one.

My mother had called me while I was at work. In the frame was this beautiful Boston Terrier puppy with a cute pink bow tied around her neck. I was in love the moment I laid eyes on her — and I hadn't even met her in person yet! I knew from that moment on that this relationship with this animal was going to forever change my life and make me a better person in the long run.

My mom brought the puppy, which we decided to name Lily, down to school one weekend, so I could meet her. Plus, I was performing in a show that weekend. I was on cloud nine the entire weekend that she was in town. I took her to meet all of my friends to make sure that she becomes socialized since she will be living on a college campus around other students who will want to interact with her every time she goes outside. Seeing the way she interacted with everyone and how everyone adored her as much as I did, I knew that this arrangement was going to be beneficial for everyone involved. Lily seems like she was meant to be a dog on a university campus.

Having Lily in my life has taught me so much in the short time that I have had her. I have been working on potty training and training, in general, to make sure that she will have an easier transition from the suburban house life to living in an apartment with me. I have not only learned things about this puppy and her shining personality, but I also have learned things about myself. I realize that I am able to take care of another living being, which calms me down and helps me find a sense of regularity in my everyday life. This regularity is something I never knew that I would need in my life. It helps me so much more than I can even explain, but the overall idea is that it allows me to have a sense of comfort in a scheduled life. It gives me ease having Lily because she has this habit of sensing anxiety, or just if I am having an overall rough day. When she feels this from another person, she will lay on the chest of the person that is having these problems. With her whole body weight of five pounds on your chest, it gives off the same effects as a small weighted blanket. I genuinely think she has benefited me in minimizing my anxiety.

Not to mention, becoming a dog mom has given me is the confidence I was lacking in life. It has helped me understand that I may make mistakes every once in a while, and that is okay because life is a learning experience. Sometimes, I will ignore her cries. She will have an accident in her cage. She will be playing with something and end up eating things she isn't supposed to. But, she is a puppy; she grows and discovers the world just like a baby would.

It is difficult to understand that mistakes are okay and they happen, but it is true. Small mistakes are not going to destroy everything in your life, they will only help you learn and grow. I feel like Lily has given me more strength than I could have ever imagined. This is something that makes me excited to see just how much of a better person I become for my puppy.