To my dog, who was gone too soon.

You were only with us for four years, and I wish we could have had longer together. You weren't just my dog, but my birthday twin, my friend, my partner in crime, my everything. Thank you, for just being you. Thank you for being the nicest dog I had ever met. For being the goofiest dog. Thank you for making me laugh until I cried. For always knowing when I was upset and just being there.

Even on the day you went to heaven, you knew I was sad and came to sit next to me. In the two years that we had you and our other dog Bonnie, thank you for helping her enjoy her last couple of years with us.

I wish I could have spent more time with you. I wish we could have gone on more walks together. I wish we could have gone on more adventures. I wish we could have spent more birthdays together. I wish I could've thrown the beat up old soccer ball that you loved so much for you one last time. I wish I could see you run around the yard one last time. I wish I could drive around with you as my co-pilot again. I wish I could take you to Rita's or Starbucks to get a pup cup or puppuccino again.

I miss coming home and seeing you at the door. I miss hearing your paws against the hardwood floor. I miss throwing your toys for you. I miss hearing your bark when someone was at the door. I miss seeing your tail wag 100 miles per hour. I miss seeing you come in from outside. I miss seeing you sitting in the shade when I looked out the window. I miss the little white furs by your nose. I miss switching the bandana you wore every so often. I miss introducing you to new people. I miss knowing you were right around the corner.

I miss you.

Now that you are in heaven, and it is a better place for you, I hope you are playing with all of the other dogs. I hope you are doing everything you love, which is too long of a list to start.

I hope we gave you the best time on earth in the four short years we had you because you gave me the best time. I miss you.