Why Dogs Truly Are The Best

Dogs have been known as man's best friend for over 33,000 years. They evolved from wild wolves to domesticated pups. The ancestors of modern-day dogs date all the way back to the Ice Age. The domestication of dogs may have happened way sooner than anyone may think though. The companionship of man and dog has lasted through time, evolution, and nature.

These dogs are so much more than cute, fluffy beings. Dogs are companions and helpers. Service dogs help many people with disabilities of many different kinds to improve their quality of life. Seeing eye dogs lead those with visual impairment so that they are able to move freely. Other service dogs help people in other areas as well. Hearing aid dogs alert deaf people to sounds they cannot hear. Certain service dogs respond to events when people with epilepsy have seizures.

Mobility support dogs help those whose movements are constricted. Some dogs aid those with diabetes. Autism support dogs help children who have trouble in social situations. Children with fetal alcohol syndrome (FASD) can benefit from having a service dog. There are even allergy alert dogs that sense when a certain food is present so a child will not eat that food. Psychiatric support dogs help those with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

My dog has personally always been there for me through any struggles I have encountered. She is always excited to see me, whether I have been gone for one minute or a week. She jumps up on me and cannot contain herself. Through lonely nights, I have found comfort from having her cuddled in bed with me.

Unfortunately, my dog does not live with me at the moment, but I think of her every day. She is even the wallpaper on my home screen. I cannot wait for the day that I come home to find her waiting for me.

Home is where my dog is in my mind. It is always best in my mind to come home to someone waiting for you. Who better to fill that position than someone who loves you unconditionally and is always happy to see you? The one who forgives you for the bath she did not like and for leaving for school or work as soon as she sees you.

I believe that human and dogs fates are intertwined from here and that we will continue to evolve together from here on out. I am not sure it is possible for dogs to become a bigger part of our lives, but if it is, I am completely in favor of this scenario. My heart grows so warm from these thoughts.

I cannot wait for the day that I have a house and a big yard where my many dogs can run freely.

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