Do Your Part In The Fight Against Climate Change

In light of the Amazon rainforest burning, environment-related issues are as present in the news as ever. While the fire is likely natural and not caused by humans, it brings to our attention just how much damage the earth has suffered. A recent report from NPR explains that the Great Barrier Reef is likely to suffer bleaching tremendously because of climate change. Greta Thunberg led a protest outside of the United Nations to demand that those in power do something. In light of these occurrences, here are three simple steps that explain how you can help prevent the process of climate change.

Do your research

First and foremost, you must learn about the various source of climate change- perhaps its a plastic product polluting the ocean, or a corporation that oversteps its carbon footprint. Doing your research about the main causes of climate change will give you a better understanding of who the enemy is. Spoiler alert: it's not individuals. Often times, as mentioned above, large corporations will release carbon dioxide emissions that damage the atmosphere. Fast fashion companies such as Zara oftentimes fail to admit their sustainability initiatives. On the other hand, brands such as Patagonia are very open about their commitment to doing their part in helping the environment.

Learn more about what causes climate change here.

Educate others

Great minds think alike, especially when educated on a topic they're passionate about. Tell your friends or peers about how serious of an issue climate change is and remind them of what's at stake. Begin a club at school that discusses environmental problems or start an initiative that targets polluting companies or corporations. Taking action isn't nearly as daunting as it may seem, especially when you're with others. If you tell your friends about the dangers of climate change, it's likely they will tell their friends, creating a chain reaction and a wealth of knowledge. In turn, more people will want laws to adjust, leading us to my last bit of advice.

Learn more about taking initiative here.

Call your legislators

As both citizens and constituents, we have a say in who runs our government. If your state congressmen or representatives aren't paying attention to the issues of climate change, or if they're passing bills that hurt the environment, say something. Call them and explain your frustrations, but don't be ignorant and angry. Perhaps write a script so you know what to say when the call is picked up. Just like the steps above, this action is a bit overwhelming; however, our elected officials are perhaps the best chance we have of seeing a large change happen. If more people are aware of climate change, its problems will be solved before its too late.

Information about contacting elected officials can be found here.

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