1. Get a summer job

For a lot of people, working is no fun.

However, a lot can be learned from having a job. You can learn how to work well with other people prior to becoming a college student. Additionally, you will thank yourself in the fall for earning some extra funds to use wherever they may be needed.

2. Make some memories

Whether this means taking a week-long vacation with friends, backpacking through Europe or even just going on a day trip, be sure to make this summer memorable. Gather up your closest friends, and find some fun activities that you can all afford and participate in. Take lots of pictures!

3. Explore your hometown

If you're going away to college, it may be a good idea to do your favorite things before leaving the place before you grew up. Catch a movie at your favorite theater, take a walk in your favorite park or grab a bite to eat at your favorite local restaurant. This will create fond memories of your hometown, and it will give you a chance to say goodbye.

4. Visit your extended family

When was the last time you have given your grandparents a call? Go visit them before heading off to college.

Once school starts, it will be much harder to keep in touch with these relatives, so it won't hurt to make a trip to see them. Plus, they will appreciate the effort!

5. Prepare for school financially

Finances can be the scariest part of starting college.

It can't hurt to visit a financial advisor at your school before starting in the fall. Work out a payment plan and ask your parents what they will be able to contribute. If you have a job, factor in the money you will be able to save. This will relieve some of the financial stress of entering college.

6. Spend some time on campus

Get familiar with your future home!

Drive out to campus and eat at some local restaurants. Buy some college gear from local shops or the school bookstore. Walk around campus again and again until you have a good idea where everything is.

When school starts in the fall, you will have a much better idea of where you are and how to get around. This will help you to love your school and feel more comfortable there!

7. Spend some time with your family

Don't take for granted that your family is around every day.

Make sure they know that you appreciate them and are going to miss them. Don't forget that you're gonna be on your own soon, and the days of home-cooked meals from mom are over!