Ladies, we all know that picking a Halloween costume is a process. From our initial, bright idea to actually making our DIY costumes, looking great for Halloween is never easy.

These 15 Amazon products are a good way to get your costume started, and won't cost you more than $20!

1. Bunny


It's super easy to pair these bunny ears and tail with something cute you already own.

Find on Amazon for $6.60.

2. Pumpkin


I mean really, this Amazon tee-dress is so cute. And you can totally rewear it throughout the year.

Find on Amazon for $23.50

3. Dark angel 


Why be a heavenly angel like everyone else? Pair these wings with a short black dress, your Halloween costume is hot, and done.

Find on Amazon for $10.99

4. Unicorn


This Unicorn Horn is super cute, easy to dress up with some glitter, and cool makeup.

Find on Amazon for $6.99

5. Alvin and the Chipmunks


These tee shirts are easy to be worn as tee shirt dresses. The perfect idea for you and your closest friends.

Find on Amazon for $16.99

6. Complete Regina George 


Complete with the "Burn Book" and cut-out tee, this costume is a sure winner this Halloween.

Find on Amazon for $9.99 (totally fetch.)

7. Mermaid


Okay but seriously, these mermaid leggings may be the easiest Halloween costume there is.

Find on Amazon for $7.38

8. Michael Scott


Throw this on with a pair of grey sweatpants (or no pants) and you become the World's Best Boss.

Find on Amazon for $29.99

9. Dwight Shrute


Dwitght Shrute your kind of guy? Now you can dress like him for Halloween for $16.99 on Amazon.

10. Butterfly 


This is super unique and affordable at $7.88 on Amazon!

11. Ace of hearts


Okay you don't have to be the full deck of cards, but wearing this oversized tee with a pair of knee-high socks is a surely cute way to go this Halloween!

Find on Amazon for $13.95.

12. Harry Potter


All you need after ordering from Amazon is a stick... to act as a wand!

Find on Amazon for $9.50

13. Meredith Grey 


Not your most scandalous Halloween costume, but if you're a Grey's fan, this is the costume for you.

Found on Amazon for $18.99

14. Referee


Another super low-maintenance costume that can be worn with leggings!

Find on Amazon for $16.00

15. Waldo


You'll be hearing "where's Waldo" all night, but this costume will be so worth it!

Finnd on Amazon for $21.99

16. Kiwi


You're favorite fruit... as a Halloween costume?? SIGN ME UP.

Find on Amazon for $19.96.

17. Cheerleader


Last but not least, a costume we can all rock this Halloween. Break out the scrunchies and pom-poms!

Find on Amazon for $18.95

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