Three things to spend 5 billion dollars on other than a wall
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3 Things We Could Use Billions Of Dollars For That Isn't A Border Wall

All that money could be spent elsewhere

3 Things We Could Use Billions Of Dollars For That Isn't A Border Wall
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Ever since he started on his campaign trail in 2014, President Donald Trump's most infamous campaign promise is his multi-billion dollar border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Now I call attention to the cost because the main logistical issue with this border wall, along with other harmful social and diplomatic controversies, is where funding would come from for this massive wall. Trump has gone from promising that Mexico would pay for the entire wall, and has now done a total 180 and is begging Congress for an estimated five billion dollars to create this wall. This struggle for him and the Republican party to win over this funding has led to the longest government shutdown in this country's history.

Whenever I turn on the news and see all the debates over this wall, I always come to the question of what else could this country do with this five billion dollar that could actually benefit all of the United States. For any socially conscious person, the answer to this question could take on infinite forms. For myself, amongst these various answers, there are three problems that could be alleviated, if not solved, by this five billion dollars. In this article, I will discuss these three areas of our country that have an everlasting impact on our daily lives.

1. Education

As a child whose parents both started off their professional careers as public school teachers, I have experienced firsthand the ups and downs for those who work with the public school system and the system itself.

There are hundreds of schools across America that are underfunded, overcrowded and more segregation since the 60s. Hundreds of thousands of students are not receiving the proper education they need and so many problems that they face are eventually lost in the system. Teachers are also severely underpaid and overworked as it is. They face a lack of resources and are unable to reach their fullest potential when it comes to educating their students.

With these five billion dollars that could go towards public education, the sky's the limit. Schools would be able to buy updated textbooks, renovate old classrooms and adequately pay their staff. This money would have an endless impact on the families connected to the public school system.

2. Infrastructure

When we think of the United States, of course, it is perceived as a first world country. However, there are many aspects to the country that is below first country standards. Infrastructure is one of them.

The current electrical grid in the United States was first built in the 1950s, and it hasn't been updated or renovated since then. There are so many counties across the country that face annual power outages due to our aging electrical infrastructure. This severe age has left us vulnerable to possible widespread power outages that could affect our daily lives indefinitely.

With this money, we could rapidly update our electrical grid and aging infrastructure. With these updates, everyday life for those who depend on public infrastructures, such as roads, government buildings, and public transportation.

3. Science

One of the several topics that most people don't really pay attention to is the severe lack of funding for scientific research. It's been decades since a new class of antibacterial drugs has been created, and with a dramatic increase in usage of anti-bacterial drugs, our population would eventually become vulnerable to massive outbreaks of drug-resistant diseases.

If five billion dollars were to go to funding scientific research could go towards creating a new class of drugs that could help the world avoid more widespread epidemics in the future.

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