Say What You Will About Disney Live-Action, But The Princesses Are So Important For Young Audiences

In the age of nonstop live-action remakes of the Disney classics we all grew up watching, it gets a bit tiring to see some of these loved originals twisted into something distant. Take, for example, some of the changes in Disney's most recent remake, "Aladdin".

Between the strange editing techniques and near monotonous dialogue, there were several parts of this remake that made this story a bit disappointing. And yet, the most shining, shimmering, and splendid part of this remake was a trend that Disney seems to be following a lot now.

I remember when I was a little girl watching "Aladdin" for the first, fifth, and so on time, I admired Jasmine for her confidence, her sass, and her ability to stand up for what she wants. It was a small character choice, but one that left a huge impact for me growing up.

Watching this "Aladdin" now, at 20, and seeing Naomi Scott take over the role with the same confidence almost took me back to that time I first got to watch Jasmine on screen.

But this Jasmine isn't just confident: she's treated on the same level as her male counterparts.

In this live-action remake, Jasmine not only has the ability to choose who she wants to marry, but she convinces the Sultan that she IS the only rightful heir. It's a small shift from the original, and arguably a predictable one, but one that's going to make all the difference for every little girl from here on out who gets to watch her.

These are the kinds of changes that are essential to Disney remakes. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a princess simply because she was beautiful, and because behind that beauty were admirable qualities. Now, princesses are not just beautiful and smart and kind and courageous, but they are portrayed as such.

And sure, part of these never-ending live-action productions have to be for some kind of capital gain, but so long as Disney keeps putting out these kind of female role models, I'll certainly have a front-row seat in theatres.

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