The Stages of the Disney+ Rabbit Hole, As Told by Mickey GIFs
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The Stages of the Disney+ Rabbit Hole, As Told by Mickey GIFs

Hot Dog! Look at all this childhood!

The Stages of the Disney+ Rabbit Hole, As Told by Mickey GIFs

So, being that it's Winter break, and I'm still unemployed, I've got a lot of free time on my hands. I didn't have a lot of it when I first got Disney+ , so I didn't get to explore until now... When I got a fire stick and a big TV at my fingertips... It killed a lot of hours, I'm telling you.

At first, you don't understand the hype


Well, goodbye cable TV, I guess? There's ANOTHER streaming service? We might as well invent a new way of cable since there's so many now... This one is Disney? Eh. It's probably going to have the crappy remakes and originals. Even if the classics are there, there will always be Disney songs on Youtube.

Then you get access... And it wouldn't be wrong to take a look, would it?


So, either you sign up, or you get account details from a family members. Great. Now you at least HAVE to take a look to see what's there. Just a look. Maybe you'll watch something on there. You're not wasting the money or lack therof if you're lucky enough to have Verizon. If you do, it's THERE. It would be wrong to leave it alone.

Well, there is a bunch of new stuff, eh, nope, bla- IS THAT MY CHILDHOOD?!


New Ducktales. Eh, you could catch up, at least, since that's actually good. New Star Wars? Meh. This out of the vault stuff looks interesting... Then you stumble upon an old childhood favorite. I'll be real with you right now, I did not expect to find Fun and Fancy Free there, since nobody seemed to have heard of it. THAT MOVIE WAS MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD. I watched it so much that I nearly memorized it. HOW... WHAT...

With that, you decide to go for a deeper search...


The series section shows to be especially promising. They've got all the classics! Kim Possible! The old Ducktales! Darkwing Duck! The Little Mermaid! They even have The Replacements! (Even if it's only the first season) They have a bunch of old movies too, including the old Parent Trap and all the Herbie movies!

Then you find out they don't have EVERYTHING...


Okay, rant time. WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE HOUSE OF MOUSE?! It was one of the greatest shows ever! Not only were Mickey and the gang dealing with relatable problems, but it was the ultimate Disney crossover! (Well, of the 90s) WHY!!!!! It had better arrive sooner than later....

Still, you can't not watch what IS there... But how do you decide?


Okay, so minus House of Mouse, there's a lot of stuff you missed over the years... But where to start? How can you choose when there's so many choices?

You finally decide, and watch said thing.... Then another.


It feels so good to relive all this... You've got to have more. You have a lot of time, anyway. So much nostalgia... So much childhood...

And another... And another...


They have all the new Mickey Shorts too.... Got to watch those, even though they also omitted Mickey's Mouse Works.... They're only like five minutes long, times about 20 per season... not that long, right? There's also the chance to catch up on Ducktales.... And revisit the old series too.

You realize it's been a couple days...


You don't have a problem, everyone else does! You can stop whenever you want, but it's the break and you're not one to go out drinking, so you choose not to. Well, at least you take care of your basic needs. Your binging doesn't cut into those...

But you go back to watching... There's still more


You still have yet to touch the DCOMS. And all the classics. And those early 2010s sitcoms, right before Disney Channel went downhill. And the Christmas movies. And the Marvel Movies. And....

You'll be ay-okay once school starts up again... Hopefully.

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