Fastpasses at Disney World are a super awesome perk that are free for all guests. Here are some helpful tips to avoid common mistakes that a lot of guests make when using their Fastpass.

1. The hover.

Beth Monnig

It is called a touch point for a reason. You actually have to touch your magicband or ticket to the mickey. Hovering the ticket in space will not work.

2. The sudden hesitation.

I know you're super eager to get into the line and run inside, but suddenly the touchpoint is upon you. The cast member politely says, "Please scan your ticket or magicband." And you freeze. Look around. What's happening again?

Please be ready to scan when you get to the touchpoints. This will save you so much time. As soon as mickey turns green, you are good to go.

3. The one who is just generally unprepared.

Everyone in front of you is scanning their tickets or magicbands. But suddenly when you get to the touch point you forget what you're doing. What line are you in again? Is this a ride? Do I even have a Fastpass? Oh right, the tickets are buried in my wallet at the bottom of my backpack. Let me just hold up the whole line while I get those out.

It helps save so much time for yourself and cast members if you come up to the touchpoints with your magicbands or tickets out and ready.

4. The touch-and-go.

Please make sure you wait till the touchpoint turns green before you keep going!

5. The contortionist.

It is very easy to touch your magic band to the touch point by lifting your arm and touching it to the Mickey. It isn't necessary to twist your arm and body in unnatural positions to make it turn green.

6. The fingerprint.

Beth Monnig

"Touch your magicband to the touchpoint. No, please touch it. No, with your magicband."

You only need your fingerprint to get into the park. For Fastpasses you only need to scan a magicband or ticket.

7. The big spender.

"How much is it to upgrade to the Fastpass option?"

"Actually, no, it's free. You just have to book them like you would book a dining reservation."

"But how much to buy more?"

...."They're free..."

Yes, all Fastpasses are free! You just have to make sure you book them ahead of time, like you would any other reservation.

8. The crowd follower.

When you get in a line, generally, you should most likely know what line you are getting in line for. Every attraction should have clear signage for standby and Fastpass, so be careful not to make a mistake.

9. The get one, get five free.

Each person needs to have their own Fastpass. Unfortunately this also means that each person's ticket must be scanned individually. One member of the party having a Fastpass does not automatically mean that all members of their six person family also get entry. Each person must book their own Fastpass for each ride.

10. The barcode junkie.

Beth Monnig

Your Fastpass can be scanned by pressing either side of the ticket to the touchpoint. Therefore it is super counterproductive to try to touch just the barcode (which is on the far, far corner of the ticket) to the touchpoint. Fiddling with your ticket to try to touch just this small corner to the touchpoint usually prevents it from scanning (because the ticket should be placed right in the middle) and it also holds up the whole line.

11.  Mr. Confident.

There are some who just stroll right past the touchpoints without scanning anything, and are then shocked when they are asked to come back to scan their Fastpasses. Yes, surprisingly, these touchpoints are here for a reason. And yes, you do need to scan all your tickets.

12.  The early arriver.

Yes, Fastpasses do need to be used at the time you booked them at. Just like you cannot make a dinner reservation and arrive at a restaurant for breakfast, a 10:00 p.m. Fastpass cannot be used at 9:00 a.m.

13.  The one who doesn't even have a Fastpass.

Yes, you do need to have a Fastpass to use the Fastpass entrance. Unfortunately, no, there are no exceptions.

Make sure you take advantage of Fastpasses on your next Disney vacation because they are a fantastic way to save time and get on more rides if you know how to use them right!